50 Best Wet Room Design Ideas 🚿


33. Central


Many wet room designs put the room right where a traditional bathroom would be. This one is different, placing the walk in shower in the midst of a living area. It really plays into the openness of the concept, and it helps that there are a lot of parallels inside and outside the glass. The floor is similar, there is a plant inside mirroring the smaller one outside, and even the central pillar holding the pipes is a twin to the wall on the left. You can make this quite a bit smaller but keep the same idea: work within existing architectural elements like that pillar and build the room around them.

34. Glass Walls Galore

Glass Walls Galore

There are a few things going on here. First of all, the way the tile and the wood demarcate the different parts of this wet bathroom is an idea we’ve seen before, but that’s because it’s a good idea. It emphasizes the difference of function of the spaces on either side of the glass, and that brings us to the other big element: the glass wall facing the exterior. Lots of rooms have to add a plant for a natural touch, but if you have them right outside, you can use a big window or glass wall to incorporate them into the interior.

35. Under the Sea

Under the Sea

The combination of a blueish gray and some blue-tinted lighting gives this an oceanic appearance, and there’s just the right amount of white fixture surface and wood to give it contrast. A word of caution, though: it is very easy for a design like this to look cold and harsh if you are not careful. Then it will look more like an igloo or an underground hospital room. Check a lot of light combinations to make sure you can bring out the right balance of color.

36. Blue Stage Lights

Blue Stage Lights

I don’t recommend bringing a laptop into wet room bathrooms, but other than that there’s some interesting work here. It’s rare to see that many lights mounted on the wall instead of the ceiling, but it can work. Look at how the blue wall lends its color to the light. Also note the way the curves on the corners on that wall are the same as the curved corners of the mirrors and sinks, so there’s a balance on both sides. Don’t add too many lights or it will become hard to look towards that wall.

37. Relaxing with Marble

Relaxing with Marble

Source: charcodb.com

This is another wet room that has a design reminiscent of a spa. The wood slats on the bench, the seclusion of the bathing areas, and the lack of clutter with that little alcove for soap and shampoo make it feel like an escape. There’s some separation between the bathing areas and the sinks, which makes the room feel large. The black/white contrast between the floor tiles and the inside of the tub gives the room some more home decor interest than if the marble was the only interesting note.

38. All That Glitters

All That Glitters

Source: houzz.com

This room is fantastic as far as wet room designs go because it gets so much out of a small space and a simple idea. There is that glittering wall tile, which works perfectly for catching the light from the opposing window. The rest is so understated: the glass lacks an ornate frame, the rest of the tile is simple black and white, and even the shape is basic. This is a very easy design to put together and takes little space. It shows you how powerful minimalism can be and that you don’t need a master bedroom-sized space to make this work.

39. Bare Pipes, Simple Tile

Bare Pipes, Simple Tile

Source: pinterest.com

It’s not common to see the bare plumbing exposed in a wet room shower, and this design goes one step further: it makes the pipes into the whole structure of the fixture. The rest of the room is fairly simple, because that is really the centerpiece. Take a look at that drying rack on the right side: its design echoes the pipes. The color choice is very much up to you, but stay neutral, so that you can let the pipes really shine and attract the most attention.

40. The Ice Cave

The Ice Cave

This wet room design fits right into the house. There aren’t many people who will have a loft accessible by ladder, but it improves the feeling of integration and openness. The blue tile pattern is a lot like what you might see on the bottom and sides of a pool, and the bright white light gives it some coolness. The wood at the back is an especially nice choice because it draws the eye into the room. That, combined with the way it fits into the wall, makes this a design that feels like part of the house even though it only has one glass wall.

41. Mixed Styles Wet Room

Mixed Styles Wet Room

Source: remontbp.com

We’ve seen solid color, creams, and energetic patterns, but not all at once yet. The colored tile is soft and buttery, with some pleasing variation. But it’s that complex and vivid abstract pattern that really grabs your attention. There are so many colors packed into such a tight space, and there’s so many different variations in the pattern from tile to tile, that you can just sit and look at it for hours. That big mirror is another useful way to take a small room and make it feel much larger.

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