25+ Clever Ways to Make Your Garden Even More Beautiful with Birdcage Planters


Are you looking for a DIY way to spice up your garden or liven up an indoor space? Birdcage planters are the perfect way to do so and are a really fun and innovative decoration that can adapt to any space. Essentially, these hanging floral decorations are bird cages that have been transformed into flower pots. They are able to take different types of plants — from succulents to different types of seasonal flowers — and are really easy to make.

25+ Gorgeous Birdcage Planter Ideas that will Make Your Garden Unique

Birdcage Planter Ideas

All it takes to make one of these decorative bird cages is three simple steps. Before you get started, make sure that the bird cage is clean and free of rust and that all of the bolts and screws have been tightened. It also might be a good idea to paint the birdcage so that it matches your space.

  • Step 1: Put a layer of moss at the bottom of the birdcage.
  • Step 2: Line the moss with a layer of soil. You can also add water-retaining gel granules which will help protect your plant from dry spells.
  • Step 3: Fit your plants gently in the soil. If you have planted succulents, adding a layer of rock or sand on top of the soil might be a nice touch.

Birdcage planters are a great way to get creative and personalize a space, no matter how big or small! They have become increasingly popular lately because of their ability to enrich large garden or patio areas as well as smaller city balconies or indoor apartment spaces. On top of that, they are are a really cheap DIY option: if you don’t have an old birdcage lying around, you’ll probably be able to find an affordable one at a second hand store or a local yard sale. Bird cage decor will give your space a rich, homey vibe all the while adapting to the specific style and design of your space.

1. Blossoming Succulent Birdcage Hanging Planter

Blossoming Succulent Birdcage Hanging Planter

Maybe a birdhouse isn’t your thing, but a birdcage might be the new addition your front porch needs! This rustic white metal cage hangs from your porch and holds your assorted collection of succulent friends. Add a fun pattern and pop of color with a ribbon tied at the top for an added finishing touch. You can add a lot of greenery without a green thumb since succulents are so easy to maintain.

2. Outdoor Garden Birdcage Plant Dome

Outdoor Garden Birdcage Plant Dome

Partially enclose a perennial in your outdoor garden with a metal birdcage dome. It gives some character and definition to your mature garden dweller while allowing all the goodness and fresh air to infuse your plant for many more years. Over time, your plant will redirect its path and grow through the different openings of this cage producing a unique and artistic garden design.

3. Long and Lean Birdcage Garden Cloche

Long and Lean Birdcage Garden Cloche

Draw attention to a featured plant in your garden with this dramatic and tall birdcage garden cloche. As it fits over and encapsulates your plant, the wire openings allow the plant to frolic and thrive in unique ways. The decorative golden design on top further adds a regal nostalgia to your garden design. Wrap it with some twinkle lights to make it really shine after dark.

4. Tabletop Metal Birdcage Plant Display

Tabletop Metal Birdcage Plant Display

If you have a plant that needs some attention, consider framing it with a birdcage. As your plant comfortably rests within its standard planter, this metal birdcage encompasses it to give it an updated look making it a focal point on your side table decor. Adding a little industrial feel to your waxy succulent plants is always a great contrast!

5. White Simplicity Bird Adorned Birdcage Decoration

White Simplicity Bird Adorned Birdcage Decoration

Your simple and farmhouse-loving mason jar vase can be taken to the next level with a white birdcage decoration. Place the vase inside and you’ve created a whole new look that is highlighted by the adorable bird perched at the very top. Use this on a side table in your living room or show it off as a casual and cute centerpiece for your dining room.

6. Create Your Own Birdcage of Succulents

Create Your Own Birdcage of Succulents

Nestled within the charming metal lines of this bronze-colored birdcage is a tiny succulent garden bursting to life. The details of the chicken wire style top add so much character to this decoration as the waxy green petals within bring a splash of color onto the scene. To complete the dainty and delightful details of this piece, a cute little bird figure is perched proudly at the top. Place this in the center of your outdoor table for some al fresco dining fun!

7. Bright Blue Airy Succulent Birdcage Decoration

Bright Blue Airy Succulent Birdcage Decoration

Source: heylucy.net

Nature’s two most prominent colors unite in this darling birdcage decoration. The painted blue of the metal birdcage brings the bold splash of color every space needs, while the various climbing succulents freely lend their gorgeous greenery for all to see. Adding this to your predominantly white space is the perfect contrast and continues the crisp, clean feeling with its airy design. Liven up your kitchen or display it on your porch this summer!

8. Sprawling Succulents Golden Intricate Birdcage Decoration

Sprawling Succulents Golden Intricate Birdcage Decoration

Bring a blast of greenery into your home with this amazing and gorgeous golden birdcage. The beautiful collection of succulents meander through the enclosed cage and cascade their waxy limbs down the sides of this birdcage decoration. It adds beauty and charm to your porch or within the walls of your home in the bedroom or living room. Another great way to use this pretty piece would be as part of a contained fairy garden that girls of all ages would enjoy!

9. Miniature White Succulent Birdcage Hanging Ornaments

Miniature White Succulent Birdcage Hanging Ornaments

Suspend some succulents from the trees in your backyard to give your outdoor space a warm and inviting and full-of-love feeling. The atmosphere created by this tiny detail welcomes all warm-weather guests to enjoy some comfort and conversation under the sun or stars. Hanging them around your porch or pergola is an alternative if you don’t have the right tree already established. Add a strand of twinkle lights above to create a nighttime display full of ambiance.

10. Large and Lively Metal Birdcage Garden Decoration

Large and Lively Metal Birdcage Garden Decoration

Give your garden a lovely and large decoration that blends right in with this metal birdcage accessory. Plant a large aloe in the center surrounded by ornate and small succulent plants to form an amazing arrangement. The large size of the cage itself will catch your eye while the plants and perched bird figure on top will captivate your spirit. Set this on a stone bench or along the pathway to enhance your established and beautiful flower garden this season.

11. Simply Chartreuse Hanging Birdcage Plant Decoration

Simply Chartreuse Hanging Birdcage Plant Decoration

If you’re looking to add some color and texture to your design space, look no further than this simple and chic chartreuse birdcage. As a suspended decorative piece, it gives height to your room and dimension by drawing the eye up as well as bringing a bold pop of greenish-yellow color to the scene. Pick your favorite plant that likes to vine out so you can enjoy all of the benefits this perfect birdcage plant decoration has to offer!

12. Vintage Blue Wired Cloche Birdcage Decor

Vintage Blue Wired Cloche Birdcage Decor

Think outside the box in terms of traditional centerpiece ideas and try on this amazing vintage blue hued wire cloche birdcage. Its height gives it a majestic presence no matter if it’s front and center on the mantel or in the middle of your dining room table. Filled with a delicate little nest and oozing with lush greenery, this birdcage planter makes a great addition to your home or as a gift to a friend.

13. Muted Brass Birdcage Moss and Herb Garden

Muted Brass Birdcage Moss and Herb Garden

There’s no need to have a boring herb garden in your home. Liven up your kitchen with this muted brass-toned birdcage that holds your herb of choice. It rests comfortably on a bed of moss to add even more beauty and texture to the design. Blending function into your design has never tasted better.

14. Vintage Birdcage Wall Art Plant Holders

Vintage Birdcage Wall Art Plant Holders

The lovely vintage look and feel of these half birdcage wall plant holders add a gorgeous decoration to your outdoor space while also providing a plant perch you’ll love! Hanging on the wall, your creeping plants will have the space they need to literally hang out, while your tiny beauties will be content to rest inside the charm of their new caged home.

15. Woven Basket Birdcage Suspended Hanging Planter

Woven Basket Birdcage Suspended Hanging Planter

The rustic touch of the woven basket adds a certain contrast to the lush greenery of the ivy as it protrudes from the inside out making this a fantastic porch decoration! You’ll gain curb appeal and enjoy watching these leaves wind themselves up, down, and all-around your relaxing outdoor retreat.

16. Indoor Golden Pendant Birdcage Plant Decoration

Indoor Golden Pendant Birdcage Plant Decoration

Draw the eye up as you infuse beauty into the upper space of your home. This small golden birdcage has intricate details of flowers and a bird to give your home more style. Hanging from a chain, the four-dimensional design adds old charm and character to your living space while also giving a real or faux ivy a new place to call home.

17. Simple Open Birdcage Outdoor Plant Holder

Simple Open Birdcage Outdoor Plant Holder

With a nice wooden base to hold your plant, this open birdcage makes an excellent and simple outdoor centerpiece for al fresco dining! This no-frills design allows the beauty of the backyard to be the focus while giving a much-needed detail to your patio dining table. Switch out your plant for a candle when the sun sets and you’ll enjoy the simple beauty of this open birdcage day or night.

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