DIY Faux Fur Christmas Wreath


We don’t know how it is with you, but we are fond of winter hikes even with the cold and all. Nature is at its most beautiful in winter especially when a blanket of snow covers everything. This reminds us of reindeer and Lapland.

6 Steps to Easily Create a Gorgeous Faux Fur Christmas Wreath

DIY Faux Fur Christmas Wreath

Unfortunately only a few of us can afford to travel so far, but it doesn’t mean that we can’t bring some of the northern atmosphere into our home. This idea has inspired this rustic door decoration that makes us feel as if we were in the winter woods. The base is made of faux fur as its silvery color resembles a reindeer and the silver-painted nuts and cones with some small twigs conjure the atmosphere of the winter forest. Come and have a taste of a winter hike with us.

1. What you’ll Need

What you'll Need

You will need a straw-wreath (20 cm), a length of faux fur (50 cm), a satin strip, some snow spray, a glue gun, a pair of scissors, iron pins, a wooden plate, acorns, nuts, peanuts, mahogany, casuarinas, golden putka pods, birch pinecones, mini pinecones, eucalyptus fruits, thin twigs.

2. Use the Faux Fur to Cover the Base

Use the Faux Fur to Cover the Base

Cover the base of the wreath with the faux fur. Use the pins and the glue gun to fix it. You may want to cut the fur into smaller pieces to make your job easier. (Don’t worry about the seams, the fur will cover them all completely.)

3. Place the Wooden Plate

Place the Wooden Plate

Before attaching the nuts and cones, find a place for the wooden plate, and start from there.

4. Start Spraying

Start Spraying

Snow-spray the nuts for a Winter-y feel.

5. Attach the Materials that you Collected

Attach the Materials that you Collected

Start attaching the nuts, cones and fruits. Use the larger pieces first and then the smaller ones to cover the gaps. You don’t have to cover the entire surface, it’s all right if some of the fur can also be seen.

6. Finalize the Wreath

Finalize the Wreath

When you are done attach the small twigs. Finally use the satin strip to hang it on your door.

Now Find the Best Place for the Wreath and Enjoy the View

Now Find the Best Place for the Wreath and Enjoy the View