21 Inspiring Outdoor Wall Decor Ideas to Give Your Space All the Good Vibes


Although a small piece of your landscape, outdoor wall decor defines your space’s character and bestows a polished finish. These pieces prevent boring blank spaces and offer an excellent way to express your style. How sheltered your outdoor area determines which sculptures will work best. A porch or patio that protects artwork from harsher elements like rain and snow offers more flexibility. Of course, that does not mean that unsheltered areas are impossible to decorate; you just need to be creative with your decor choices. However, challenging yourself to work with materials rated for outdoor use can be a fun test for your decorating skills.

21 Mesmerizing Ideas for Outdoor Wall Decor to Unify Your Landscape

Outdoor Wall Decor

Because every geographic location maintains unique weather conditions, outdoor wall art is often a reflection of where your home is. You can emphasize this by choosing a sign customized with words or allowing a natural patina to develop on metallic decor. Alternatively, if you prefer a cleaner look, use a sealant to enjoy decorations in pristine condition. A few localized factors to keep in mind are humidity, rainfall, snowfall, extreme temperatures, and salinity. Luckily, clear sealants make it possible to enjoy materials like wood and metal in your outdoor space all year long.

Of course, location is only one piece of the puzzle. Decorating an outdoor space is fun because you will later enjoy it with your special people and pets. That can mean filling your exterior with pieces that reflect passions like grilling or gardening. Of course, choosing decor centered on your hobbies is only one approach. The ideal wall art for you might be bold patterns and big colors or subtle shapes and neutral colors. If your porch, patio, deck, or garden will be a haven from life’s stresses, choose outdoor wall art that soothes your soul.

1. Make Your Own Rainbow Privacy Fence

Make Your Own Rainbow Privacy Fence

A privacy fence is a great way to create zones within your outdoor living space. By using a different color for each board, you can easily cultivate sophisticated results. With cool blue-green that fades from orange to pink, the privacy fence in this image resembles a picturesque sunrise over a green hill. Customize the colors to coordinate with your outdoor decor.

2. Harnessing Asymmetry in Your Outdoor Wall Decor

Harnessing Asymmetry in Your Outdoor Wall Decor

In this sign, faux shiplap and swirling text combine to impactful effect. Because the word “home” is in the bottom left corner, the eye is drawn to the cozy seating on this fall-themed porch. While it looks beautiful, this sign is also practical. Because of its narrow profile, it does not hinder the doorway and provides an attractive finishing touch.

3. Freestanding Plant Wall with Removable Boxes

Freestanding Plant Wall with Removable Boxes

Because this design is equipped with French cleats, you can reconfigure it to meet your unique gardening needs. To luxuriate in a lush living wall, fill the boxes with vining plants that will cascade over the box sides as they grow. Herbs, strawberries, and pepper plants are perfect options for a plant wall that is as practical as it is beautiful.

4. Decorative Wall Vertical Herb Garden

Decorative Wall Vertical Herb Garden

If you are limited in space, this vertical solution is the perfect way to pursue your passion for gardening. Planting herbs is a great idea for anyone who enjoys cooking. To ensure your wall garden is as beautiful as it is practical, choose a wood-slatted structure that fits your aesthetic. Then, decorate it with baskets and buckets to suit your needs.

5. Transforming Light Fixtures into Garden Wall Decor

Transforming Light Fixtures into Garden Wall Decor

Upcycling a light fixture into hanging succulent fixtures is a creative way to give your garden new life. Glass, wood, leather, and plants work together to create a study in contrasting textures. Coupled with a modular design, this configuration showcases soothing symmetry. Draw inspiration from this example to see the limitless potential in your home’s old and unused light fixtures.

6. Galvanized Metal Porch Sign with Interchangeable Words

Galvanized Metal Porch Sign with Interchangeable Words

By crafting a wood frame for a sheet of weathered galvanized steel, you will be able to fill your porch with farmhouse flair all year long. Add magnets to outdoor-safe decor for a fun element that can be switched up with the seasons. This sign uses cream laser-cut wood, but you can use anything lightweight that suits your style.

7. Geometric Outdoor Wall Art with Vibrant Colors

Geometric Outdoor Wall Art with Vibrant Colors

Give your outdoor space a splash of vivacious excitement with this easy-to-make wooden wall art. This tutorial steps you through the process of creating a simple geometric design to bring it to life. By applying a whitewashing technique to the paint, you can still enjoy a glimpse of the wood grain. Mix it up with colors you love.

8. Step-by-Step Macrame Hanging Plant Holder

Step-by-Step Macrame Hanging Plant Holder

By giving your outdoor wall art a purpose, you bring together function and form. To ensure your macrame plant holder will hold up to the elements, be sure to use outdoor-rated nylon rope. If the terra-cotta plant pots in this example are not your style, this pattern can also be used to hold canning jars for a farmhouse-friendly vibe.

9. Abstract Starburst Outdoor Wooden Wall Hanging

Abstract Starburst Outdoor Wooden Wall Hanging

Built on a pressure-treated frame, this starburst pattern highlights wood’s natural energy in outdoor spaces like patios. If you prefer bold colors to natural wood, be sure to use outdoor-rated paint and a color that contrasts your home’s exterior. To add to the drama, try several colors to achieve an ombr√© effect. You could also play around with the pattern.

10. “This Is Our Happy Place” Metal Adhesives

This Is Our Happy Place Metal Adhesives

These letters are the perfect way to define your outdoor space as a sanctuary from stress. To achieve a casual vibe with a playful spin, all the letters are lowercase. Because each word is mounted separately, you can display them in a horizontal line as shown here, a vertical stack, or any configuration that works well with your walls.

11. Personalized Farmhouse-Style Wrapped Canvas Patio Sign

Personalized Farmhouse-Style Wrapped Canvas Patio Sign

Whether you are decorating a patio, porch, deck, or clubhouse, this wrapped canvas is a great way to scale up the sophistication. A design inspired by vintage signs will look stunning in nearly any outdoor area. Faux rust printed onto the design gives it the perfect amount of personality. To ensure your sign reflects your space, the text is completely customizable.

12. Framed Porch Rules Outdoor Wall Decor

Framed Porch Rules Outdoor Wall Decor

When this sign arrives, it is ready to be hung. A black-and-white color scheme melds with nearly any porch palette without causing too much drama. All that white negative space is a great way to help smaller porches feel larger. Each line is a reminder to treasure what truly matters as you spend quality time in your outdoor space.

13. Set of Flying Origami Birds

Set of Flying Origami Birds

As soon as you hang these origami birds, your landscape will exhibit an element of surreal whimsy. Because each set includes seven birds, the possible configurations are endless. Arrange them in a cluster as shown in this example, in a straight line, or scattered throughout your garden. With their sleek lines, these metal sculptures are a great addition to modern-inspired spaces.

14. Flock of Flying Metal Cranes

Flock of Flying Metal Cranes

Each crane in this flock of five is captured at a different stage of flight which results in a pleasing dimensionality. This is amplified by the subtle shadow that each casts. Because they are lightweight and adhere via an adhesive, you can place them nearly anywhere. To fill a larger area, you may need to acquire a few sets.

15. Personalizable Steel Sign Wall Art

Personalizable Steel Sign Wall Art

Instead of arriving with pre-selected text, this sign offers three lines where you decide what it displays. Beyond customizing the text, you can select which weatherproof finish is just right for your space and weather conditions. If you enjoy watching a natural patina develop over time, the “raw steel” finish is the perfect choice for your outdoor wall art.

16. Recycled Steel Heart with Flowers and Birds

Recycled Steel Heart with Flowers and Birds

Handmade in Haiti from a recycled steel barrel, this fair-trade sculpture is a commendable addition to any space. When hung outdoors, it will sparkle in the sunlight to a magical effect. An effortlessly elaborate design offers something new to discover every time you look at it. With this unique heart, you can express love for nature in your garden wall decor.

17. Customizable Colorful Wooden Seahorse Silhouette

Customizable Colorful Wooden Seahorse Silhouette

Ideal for any beach-friendly outdoor space, this seahorse takes silhouettes to the next level. From the weathered finish to the etched details, every element is bursting with personality. An all-weather sealant and durable wooden core ensure that personality is there to stay. In addition to the cool aqua blue shown here, there are 23 color options to choose from.

18. Rust-Colored Patterned Metal Privacy Screen Panels

Rust-Colored Patterned Metal Privacy Screen Panels

From air conditioning units to trash cans, every outdoor space has elements that are less than desirable to view. With these coordinating metal panels, concealing those items becomes a way to enjoy elegant artwork. The panels in this image show fanciful flowers, but there are several design options available including a nautical sailboat, elegant fleur-de-lis, and a southwest-style cactus.

19. Dazzling Red Poppy Garden Wall Decor

Dazzling Red Poppy Garden Wall Decor

Spicing up a dull fence is fun with these dynamic red flowers. Because each flower is welded from plate steel, they can withstand harsh winter conditions. Wherever they are hung, the joyful red petals provide a natural focal point. Depending on how you display them, these poppies are an inviting touch in modern, farmhouse, and primitive-style outdoor spaces.

20. Metal “Hello” Sign that Hangs Vertically

Metal Hello Sign that Hangs Vertically

With friendly letters stacked vertically, this metal sign is the perfect way to capture attention. Available in either black or white, you can choose the color that will contrast best with your home’s exterior. If the vertical presentation shown here does not fit well in your available space, it can also be hung in a more traditional horizontal orientation.

21. Vining Branches Outdoor Metal Medallion

Vining Branches Outdoor Metal Medallion

Swirling outward, the crisp leaf outlines imbue this steel sculpture with energy. Because there is so much negative space, the beauty of the wall behind the sculpture is showcased. To best emphasize its surroundings, this artwork is available in five colors: black, white, red, silver, and copper. Because the color consists of a weatherproof powder coating, it will withstand the elements.

21 Sublime Outdoor Wall Decor Ideas that Develop a Destination for Relaxation

Outside decorations serve as a first impression and give guests an introduction to your home’s decor. Because outdoor spaces are more visible to the public than other areas of your home, it is good to be aware of your privacy. If a sign discloses your name or other private information, consider who will be able to see it before hanging it up. Of course, this is not as relevant if the exterior space you are decorating is behind your home or otherwise hidden from public areas.

Like your home, your outdoor spaces are a reflection of your style. To create cohesion throughout your property, it is good practice to continue your interior’s look and feel outside. If you love rusty rustic decor inside, experiment with unsealed materials outside to achieve those one-of-a-kind patinas. Then, when a piece achieves the perfect level of weathering for your tastes, you can seal it to freeze it at that moment. Avoiding patinas altogether by using paint or a clear sealant for day one is also a great way to decorate your home’s exterior.