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21 Inviting Backyard Deck Ideas to Make Your Exterior More Fun

By HomeBNC • Updated on 2024-03-12

The best backyard deck ideas will ensure your home is ready for any outdoor celebration or small get-together. Whether you are hanging out with a small group of friends or family, throwing a spring or summertime party, or just lounging alone, it helps to do it on a deck you feel comfortable with. There are plenty of things you can do to your deck (or build one if you don’t have one already) to make your outdoor space just as stylish and fun to be in as inside your home. Even better is that you can easily find a good backyard deck idea on a budget if you don’t want to break the bank upgrading your yard. This includes finding affordable wood or even upcycling some.

Inspiring Backyard Deck Ideas in Time for Your Summer BBQ Parties

You can add to the deck you already have, connecting a floating deck nearby for extra space. Or perhaps you have the space to make a ground-level deck instead? This is ideal for those of you who may not want to deal with steps or seek a deck that blends in with something else you have in your yard like a shed. No matter the approach you’re aiming to take or the skill level you’re at with home projects, our list of some of our favorite best backyard deck ideas will get your creative juices pulsing.

1. Stylish Boho Theme Back Deck Design

Stylish Boho Theme Back Wood Deck Design

Aiming for a more boho theme with your backyard deck décor is a smart choice when you want to add some style and elegance to your outdoor area. It simply looks relaxing and welcoming, creating nothing but fun vibes that make it the perfect spot to hang out in. The darker wood for the deck itself pairs excellently with the lighter, neutral coloring of the furniture. Color can come into play with the accent décor throughout as well as adding some more brightness with some hanging string lights around the covered area of the deck.

2. Ground Level Hexagon Shaped Deck

Backyard Deck Ideas: Ground Level Hexagon Shaped Wood Deck and Planter Boxes

Not all decks have to sit above the ground. This hexagon ground-level deck proves just that. In fact, if you have yourself a shed, this is a unique way to decorate around it, adding more personality to your backyard as you do it. Maybe your shed can serve more as a lounging area rather than a space to house some tools or a lawn mower. In this case, the ground deck is an extension of everything. It gives you and guests more room to relax and lay about on those lazy weekends. Plus, having the deck be at ground level lets you blend the deck into the surrounding décor such as plants and flowers.

3. Old Backyard Deck Restoration Project

Backyard Deck Ideas: Old Backyard Wood Deck Restoration Project

Another worthy backyard deck design on a budget is a simple restoration project. With the right tools, you won’t have to replace your wood. Not only does this save your wallet, but it is useful if you don’t quite have the skills to build up a deck from scratch. Your simple and old deck will certainly look like it’s brand new once you’re done with it. Additionally, restoring your deck will give you the chance to further help this blend in with the rest of your style or outside décor. Don’t be shy about adding more décor around the wood deck when you’re done. Some hanging lights are the perfect way to illuminate all your hard work.

4. Dark Wicker Furniture Deck Makeover

Deck Ideas: Dark Wicker Furniture Wood Deck Makeover

When you want something clean and sophisticated on your wood deck while still maintaining a comfortable vibe, this sort of dark wicker furniture is the way to go. If you have some lighter wood for the deck, the furniture further stands out in the best way possible. Everything comes across as modern and will instantly catch attention. You can play off the contrast even more by throwing in a nice, bright-colored outdoor rug. This can make your backyard deck feel cozy while still maintaining its fashionable appearance. For more splashes of color, consider adding in some plant life too as the greenery will only serve to brighten up the space rather than have it maintain a one-note quality.

5. Affordable Wood Pallet Back Deck

Deck Ideas: Affordable Wood Pallet Back Wood Deck

When building a deck, you don’t have to resort to using wood pieces. Instead, wood pallets can handle the job just as well when you want something that is a bit simpler and more affordable. Wood pallets are easy enough to come by as well. A few treatments in, and you can make them look like any other professionally made deck. All that you need afterward is a nice outdoor space rug, some small tables, and comfy chairs to bring it all together. It is a simplistic, yet effective hangout spot that works with any backyard style.

6. Small Space Shabby Chic Deck

Small Space Shabby Chic Ground Level Deck

Take a small space and transform it to appear larger with this incredible backyard deck idea. Some of us have just a corner deck to work with, but that’s perfectly okay. You don’t need a lot of room as long as you have just a couple of nice pieces of furniture to place on the deck like some lounge chairs. Even a small side table comes in handy here. As for the deck itself, if you don’t want to get too hands-on, you can always clean and stain what you already have. This can give the deck a much-deserved refresher, especially if you opt for a darker coloring that plays well with the small space look.

7. Unique Towering Backyard Deck Living Space

Unique Towering Backyard Wood Deck Living Space

Many homes feature wood deck designs that can almost pass as treehouses thanks to how tall they stand in the backyard. An upper deck can be remarkably fun to play around with too in terms of decorations. From the outside looking up, this may seem intimidating at first. However, all that changes depending on how you decorate the deck itself. Some bright colors work out tremendously in this case. Bright and clear coloring plays well off the neutral coloring of the wooden deck too. This can make things seem less intense being so high up off the ground. In any case, you’re also free to decorate everything below your towering deck if you’d like.

8. Chic Flower Themed Backyard Deck

Chic Flower Themed Backyard Wood Deck

Want something chic as well as colorful for your backyard deck? Well, consider this stylish design. The use of a metal bench adds a classic look to the deck, while the gray-toned wood pairs well with the style overall. Meanwhile, the flowers will add that necessary bit of color so that it fits better with the chic theme. Don’t forget the bench too as the accessories you use there can blend well with the flowers, creating more brightness to elevate the deck décor.

9. Simple Stained Ground Deck Design

Simple Stained Ground Small Deck Design

To have a nice wood deck on a budget, you can simply have a gorgeous wooden floor without it being elevated and even without any sort of a fence. The wood alone can speak for itself. If you already have that, then perhaps just a washing and a fresh stain will breathe new life into the wood. It will look refreshed and more welcoming than ever as it gleams under the sunlight. This design takes a minimalistic approach as well, making it ideal for those of you who may not have that much outdoor living space in your backyard for an average deck. The design still gives you more than enough room to decorate simply with a couple of chairs and maybe a small table, giving off a cozy vibe.

10. Attractive Covered Floating Backyard Deck

Attractive Covered Floating Backyard Deck

Opting for just a floating deck is a good choice when you need a backyard deck idea on a budget. It doesn’t have to be too vast. Just offer enough room for you, your household, and your guests to just relax in the backyard on those warmer days. You can even make it a covered floating deck too. This way, you can string up some intricate string lights above you that will help transform your yard into a lovely paradise. The way the wooden slabs are laid out on top help with the decorative look of the deck as well, giving it a hint of an artistic look.

11. Upcycled Cedar Decking Design Project

Wood Deck: Upcycled Cedar Decking Design Project

Your deck won’t last forever, and when things start looking a little bleak or aged, consider upgrading what you already have. Just rip out of the old and start placing in the new. The cedar wood gives it such a pleasing farmhouse rural look about it that you may find yourself admiring it more than anything else. What you are left with is something that may very well be unrecognizable to your previous deck design. In fact, an upcycling project can make your backyard deck area appear more spacious. Set up a grill, dining area, and even a general lounge area with a few chairs.

12. Cozy Backyard Wood and Brick Deck

Cozy Backyard Brick and Wood Deck

When it comes to back deck ideas, it helps to utilize different materials in the construction. By doing so, you can create something that is more distinctive. This can help give off a more modern style too. Overall, the look is clean and befitting a more contemporary home. You can elevate things even more with the right patio furniture on the deck such as wicker material. Depending on how large your deck is, a spacious outdoor area rug can also help enhance this particular modern style. Of course, coloring plays a big role too, but with dark wood material alongside the brick used in the pillars, you’re safe with going with just about any color theme.

13. Cool Floating Side Deck Design

Cool Floating Side Wood Deck Design

If you already have a deck but wish to expand it, a floating deck is a perfect way to do that. However, this type of deck addition is also useful if you simply have a plot of land that’s become just a nuisance to deal with and look at. A floating deck is a wonderful way to cover all that up while further improving your backyard. This style is also a nice way to add some flair and style to the area too. You don’t even have to make this that big either. This side floating deck can serve as another smaller area to lounge around on, or it can even work out well as a cooking area, housing your grill and anything else you need.

14. Tall Deck Wooden Privacy Fence

Deck Railing Ideas: Tall Deck Wooden Privacy Fence

You may want to hang out on your backyard deck, but that doesn’t mean you want everyone to get a clear view of every get-together. So, why not build a nice-sized privacy fence? It can be as tall as you’d like, perhaps tall enough to still comfortably lean against if you wish. However, the thing that really sets it apart is the wooden slat design. Making it darker than the posts provide some much-needed contrast to the whole fence. It is bold and offers a more contemporary look to it all. This will play off well with a similar-looking deck that features fashionable and chic patio furniture.

15. Raised Natural Wood Backyard Deck

Raised Natural Wood Backyard Deck

Even if your backyard isn’t exactly even, you can make things appear more symmetrical with the right deck design. The use of natural wood is beneficial here as it can work with any style you opt to use with your furniture. Also, this deck isn’t too far up off the ground, but it is enough that it pairs well with some stairs on either side of the deck. This is more useful when you have a bigger backyard and create a spacious deck that needs two entrances and exits.

16. Dark Covered Modern Backyard Deck

Dark Covered Modern Backyard Deck

A great way to help your backyard deck design stand out is with some bold, rich coloring. The right wooden stain can help you get there. Opting for something darker allows you to use darker tones with the furniture set up, giving everything a nice contemporary style. Your new fashionable deck design also works with some slight covering. Perhaps the cover can be a shade or so darker too, giving off that cool contrast that works so well with this modern style. If you have the room for it, you can go further out with this deck design, extending on either side to make different areas for lounging and for grilling.

17. Dark Tone Decorative Wooden Deck

Small Deck Ideas: Dark Tone Decorative Wood Deck Design

Using two different colored wood for your deck is a nice way to add some flair to your backyard. This keeps the décor on the deck itself free from becoming static. Instead, the medium toned wooden floor works well with the even darker toned fence, causing the eye to travel to take in the entire deck design. What really helps to pull this off is your choice of furniture. Try to go for something just as dark, if not darker, than the wood. You’ll appreciate the contrast in the end, and if you want some color, focus on the cushions and accents with the furniture.

18. Vintage Rustic Backyard Deck DĂ©cor

Vintage Rustic Backyard Wood Deck DĂ©cor

Sometimes, a classic approach is the best approach when it comes to designing your backyard deck. For instance, a metal table and chair set provide a wonderful vintage touch. Alongside that classic look, you can aim for some metal and wooden-based plant holders to stick with the theme. This pairs well with a faded wooden deck design as that add the hint of rustic to everything, making it come across as more stylish and befitting of the outdoors. If you want to throw in some contrast, aim lighter with a brighter colored fence as this will ensure it stands out more.

19. Space-Saving Affordable Backyard Shed Deck Design

Space-Saving Affordable Backyard Shed Wood Deck

A backyard deck isn’t just a place meant for you to lounge about. Rather, a simple deck can improve the look of a shed in general, giving you a platform in front of it that helps it come across as functional décor for your yard. This is a worthwhile backyard deck idea on a budget too. There isn’t much wood used, but it all comes out professional-looking in the end. Also, this has a nice bit of elevation to it so that it better lines up with whatever shed you have.

20. Simple Bright Wooden Back Deck

Backyard Deck Ideas: Simple Bright Wood Deck

Light-colored wood allows your back deck to stand out and shine, especially during those warm summer days. It is instantly eye-catching too, so much so that you may be tempted to limit the furniture on the deck to not overwhelm the outdoor living space. As the deck is elevated, it can help this appear larger than it is. Also, it’s a wonderful way to adapt to a home that is a bit more elevated too without having to resort to adding too many steps. Lastly, consider adding a cable fence to the deck. You can still see through it clearly enough, but there’s an element of safety if you have pets or kids. This even helps with the overall minimalist style.

21. Concrete Slab Upgraded Covered Deck

Concrete Slab Upgraded Covered Wood Deck

When you want to remodel your backyard, there is no need to let a little concrete get in the way. Even with a concrete slab, you can create the deck of your dreams. This extensive project not just gives you a completely fresh and smooth wooden deck floor, it also gives you an incredible cover. You can hang whatever you’d like around to fit with your specific theme. Depending on the size of the area you’re covering, you can create an open and welcoming space because even though the top is covered, the rest isn’t. This helps the deck appear brighter as you always get natural lighting. At the same time, the pillars still give you room to hang up some coverage if needed.

Cool Backyard Deck Ideas for Your Next Outdoor Project

As the weather gets nice, we naturally gravitate back outdoors, so it’s best to have your back deck ready for company. The best back deck ideas can completely transform how your backyard feels. There are so many ideas though, so finding the right place to start can prove to be a tough task. For those of you with a deck, maybe it is time to upgrade it a bit with new wood, paint, etc.? Or maybe you want to widen the deck up or add another section as in the case with a floating deck off to the side?

If you are at a loss, a great place to start is to focus on the style your home already has. It is easy enough to go from there as it helps you stick close to a cohesive theme. What you put onto the deck is just as vital as the deck itself, so consider how much room you want to work with as that is a great way to know just how big or small your deck needs to be. Also, let’s take skill into account as a deck project is not a quick task. Regardless of your approach, this list of some of the best backyard deck ideas will be at your side along the way.

Best Backyard Deck Ideas

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