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22 Shower Curtains Your Kid will Love

By HomeBNC • Updated on 2024-03-13

Looking for an easy and inexpensive way to let your child personalize the bathroom? Kid’s shower curtains are the perfect solution. Whether it features a favorite television or movie character, cute animals, or a topic that interests them, a fun shower curtain adds a pop of color and personality to your child’s space.

22 Shower Curtains for Kids to Add Fun to Your Bathroom

Many companies also make other kids bathroom decor accessories like hampers, trash cans, and window coverings to match the shower curtains for a complete look. If you have multiple kids who share a bathroom, shower curtains are affordable enough that each child can choose one and you can switch them out occasionally to avoid fights. Low prices also make kid’s shower curtains a cheap way to totally transform your child’s bathroom when their interests change without having to entirely redecorate.

Shower curtains for kids come in two types of fabrics, polyester and vinyl, and you can choose which one to purchase based on your needs. Polyester shower curtains are machine-washable and lighter in texture while vinyl ones are more heavy-duty and can wipe clean with a wet cloth. Below you will find 22 cool home decoration ideas for boys and girls, little ones and preteens, that will transform their bathroom into a fun oasis!

1. Under the Sea Shower Curtain

Under the Sea Shower Curtain

You will feel like you are on the ocean floor with this cute shower curtain. The vibrant colors look great in any bathroom, matching a colorful bathroom and brightening up a more neutral space. Its polyester fabric is resistant to mold, mildew, and soap scum so you and your kids can enjoy this fun home decoration idea for years.

2. Dinosaur Sketch Curtain

Dinosaur Sketch Curtain

Take your bathroom back in time with this boys shower curtain. The black and white color palette help this curtain match any bathroom decor. Its mold- and mildew-resistant fabric is machine washable for easy cleaning. This is an inexpensive and easy way to transform your child’s bathroom to match his interests.

3. Adorable Frogs Curtain Design

Adorable Frogs Curtain Design

Your kiddos will love splashing around in the tub when you hang this cute frog shower curtain. The eco-friendly vinyl fabric is waterproof so it doesn’t need a liner, plus it easily wipes clean. The rust-resistant metal grommets at the top ensure that the curtain won’t tear, even after years of use.

4. Star Wars Logo Shower Curtain

Star Wars Logo Shower Curtain

This is one of the best shower curtains for kids and adults alike! Add a tribute to your family’s favorite movie series with this easy-to-hang, machine-washable fabric shower curtain. Its bright, bold space background and character graphics will make you feel like you’re in a galaxy far, far away.

5. Display a World Map in the Bathroom

Display a World Map in the Bathroom

This colorful curtain is perfect for kids bathroom decor because it is both fun and educational. You can show your family’s love of travel or help your kids learn geography all while getting ready to shower! The bright colors pop against the clear background, livening up even the dreariest of bathrooms.

6. Bright Dog Breeds Curtain

Bright Dog Breeds Curtain

If your little ones love animals, they’ll flip over this cute dog curtain! Unlike some kid’s shower curtains, this one is stylish enough that they will not “grow out of” it. Add a pop of color to your kids’ bathroom with this waterproof, mold-resistant polyester curtain.

7. Rubber Duckie Kid’s Curtain

Rubber Duckie Kid's Curtain

Your kids will “quack up” over this cute shower curtain. The sunny yellow duck print is great for boys and girls alike. The metal grommets and reinforced top make this curtain ideal for even the most rambunctious children. You don’t need a liner so you can just pop it right onto your shower!

8. Outer Space Shower Curtain

Outer Space Shower Curtain

One of the best shower curtains for kids who love space, this one both looks cool and will teach them a lot of facts. From stars to space travel, they’ll learn tons of facts while in the bathroom. It is also resistant to mold, mildew, and soap to make cleaning a breeze.

9. Fish Fun Shower Curtain

Fish Fun Shower Curtain

The bold colors and photo-real fish make this shower curtain a home decor idea all ages will adore. The vinyl fabric is easy to clean and is good for the environment, too. Your kiddos will be excited to “swim” in the tub when they see this fun fish curtain.

10. Finding Nemo Shower Curtain

Finding Nemo Shower Curtain

Surf the EAC with Crush, Dory, and Marlin when you hang this colorful curtain! Your little ones will love showering amongst their favorite Pixar characters. It is machine washable and made of environmentally-friendly materials. Its reinforced top and metal grommets ensure this curtain will stand up to years of wear and tear.

11. Yellow Submarine Beatles

Yellow Submarine Beatles

Brighten up your bathroom with this fun home decoration idea! The whole family can celebrate their favorite band while adding a pop of color to their space in the process. With an easy to clean vinyl construction and peppy design, you will never want to replace this curtain.

12. Cute Country Owls Design

Cute Country Owls Design

Add a rainbow of color to your little princess’s bathroom with this girls shower curtain. The colorful picket fence, wildflowers, and cute cartoon owls will add some sunny country charm to her space. The waterproof polyester curtain doesn’t need a liner, so you can put it up immediately to transform the room in a snap.

13. Minion Mischief Shower Curtain

Minion Mischief Shower Curtain

Relive the mayhem of everyone’s favorite yellow characters with this fun curtain. With “life sized” minion friends in the bathroom, kiddos are more likely to look forward to bath time and teeth brushing. The soft microfiber fabric can be popped into the washing machine for easy cleaning.

14. Pudgy Cartoon Cat Curtain

Pudgy Cartoon Cat Curtain

Add a touch of whimsy to your space with this cute girls shower curtain. She will laugh with delight at the fat cat who is pictured sleeping, wearing funny costumes, and chowing down on snacks. Its durable polyester fabric and reinforced top and grommets help this curtain withstand years of use.

15. Alphabet Pictures on the Curtain

Alphabet Pictures on the Curtain

The best shower curtains for kids are ones that are both cute and educational. This one is ideal for younger children, as it helps them learn their ABCs by using illustrations. The bright colors will add personality to your space while the mold- and soap-resistant fabric make cleaning this curtain a breeze.

16. Smiling Sea Creatures Design

Smiling Sea Creatures Design

Bring a smile to your little ones’ faces by adding this to your kids bathroom decor. Happy whales, turtles, and other sea creatures offer a friendly smile, encouraging kids to love bath time. Its heavy-duty fabric and rust-proof metal grommets ensure you won’t have to replace this shower curtain for a long time.

17. Rubber Duck Bath Time Curtain

Rubber Duck Bath Time Curtain

Encourage your kids to rub-a-dub-dub with this adorable rubber duckie shower curtain. Its vibrant hues and cute design are sure to put a smile on everyone’s face as they get ready in the morning. Its machine-washable polyester material is waterproof and resistant to mold, mildew, and soap scum so it won’t get grungy.

18. Watercolor Tree Curtain Design

Watercolor Tree Curtain Design

If your little one loves nature, brighten up her bathroom with this girls shower curtain. Some kids shower curtains can look too childish in a few years, but she is sure to keep this one up for a long time! With a pretty design and mold-resistant fabric, this curtain is a great investment.

19. Nautical Adventures Shower Curtain

Nautical Adventures Shower Curtain

Looking for a fun home decoration idea that won’t break the bank? Try this curtain featuring lighthouses, sailing ships, and sea creatures! The design is whimsical enough for little ones but chic enough for older kids. Plus its durable waterproof fabric won’t grow mold so you can display this curtain for years.

20. Ocean Floor Sand Castle Design

Ocean Floor Sand Castle Design

Kid’s shower curtains should be fanciful and fun and this one fits the bill! You’ll feel like you have ventured under the sea with this underwater design featuring fish, coral, and sand. Just pop this curtain up with the included hooks to instantly transform your kid’s bathroom into a mermaid’s or scuba diver’s wonderland.

21. Happy Blue Whale Art

Happy Blue Whale Art

This adorable boys shower curtain will encourage your little one to splash around in the bath with his new whale friend. The microfiber and microsuede fabrics are machine-washable to make cleaning easy. You can even get matching bedroom accessories to transform his entire space with a delightful nautical theme.

22. Spider-Man Shower Curtain

Spider-Man Shower Curtain

Let him hang out with his favorite superhero with this cool boys shower curtain. Your child will happily get ready for bed or school if he has Spider-Man beside him! This easy-to-clean microfiber shower curtain is an affordable way to make a boring bathroom feel personal to your kid.

22 Cute Shower Curtains for the Bathroom

With tons of fun shower curtain designs to choose from, they are the perfect budget-friendly way to add a personal touch to your child’s bathroom. Whether they choose a favorite character, cute animals, or fun scenery, a new shower curtain can transform their space from blah to breathtaking. Chances are they will actually want to spend time getting ready in the bathroom when it has a pop of their personality.

Kid's Shower Curtain Ideas

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