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50+ Fun and Festive Ways to Decorate Your Porch for Christmas

By HomeBNC • Updated on 2024-02-28

The holidays are fast approaching and with winter on the way, it’s time to start discarding your pumpkins and thinking about Christmas decorations. Your porch is the first area of your home that visitors see and as such it provides the perfect palette to create a welcoming and festive Christmas display. If you tend to reach for the same string of Christmas lights and a trusty door wreath every holiday season, consider shaking things up this year. Whether you prefer a sleek modern look or antique and rustic touches, these 50 Christmas porch decorating ideas are sure to inspire you.

50+ Christmas Decoration Ideas for Your Entryway

1. Cozy Joyful Greenery Sitting Area

Cozy Joyful Greenery Sitting Area

A great way to bring in the holiday spirit is by taking advantage of the sitting area on your porch. There’s plenty of room to work with from adding seasonally colored throw pillows to a bench setting up some small Christmas trees on either side of the bench. If you really want to add more life to the area, greenery adds a wonderful touch. You can readily hang some garland all around or even throw up a wreath if the sitting spot is near a window. Combined with the pillows and bench, you can greet guests with a welcoming, cozy atmosphere before they ever enter your home.

2. Beautiful Simple Winter Wonderland DĂ©cor

Beautiful Simple Winter Wonderland DĂ©cor

You can create a stunning winter wonderland scene on your front porch whether the area you live in has snow or not. With flocked trees and a flocked wreath, the snow-tipped greenery can help it feel like the holidays all season long. A nice thing about this décor is that it leans toward a particular farmhouse-like style, which is beneficial if your home already has rural decorating as it can blend better. Toss in a matching mat or a welcoming holiday mat to bring it all together.

3. Rustic Festive Winter Light-Up Porch

Rustic Festive Winter Light-Up Porch

Stringing up Christmas lights all around your home isn’t the only way to brighten things up this holiday season. Consider focusing some lights around your front porch. You can set up mini trees that either have lights already or you can put them on yourself. More cheerful brightness can come from placing lights inside garland. These decorations look beautiful during the day, but at night, they truly shine. When selecting your greenery, try going for the snow-tipped Christmas trees as they can help add a wonderful contrast to the rest of your porch.

4. Garland Covered Plant-Themed Winter Porch

Garland Covered Plant-Themed Winter Porch

There are so many fun ways you can incorporate greenery for Christmas decorations, and this one balances garland and additional shrubbery rather well. If you have the space for it, hang up a good deal of garland around your porch as it sets the scene of the holiday immediately. From there, it flows into the potted plants or trees you can place around the door. Don’t be afraid to put some twinkle lights on the trees to help them stand out. A simple wreath can help seal the deal, so to speak, and blend effortlessly with the rest of the greenery.

5. Warm Farmhouse Style Outdoor Christmas Bench

Warm Farmhouse Style Outdoor Christmas Bench

Source: jordecor.com

Bring the farm-style outdoors with this lovely Christmas bench decoration. It doesn’t even take much to liven up your porch. A couple of holiday throw pillows are more than enough but don’t be shy about completely covering the bench with other decorative items if there are no plans for anyone to actually sit on it. The area surrounding the seat gives you room to cement the style as well by adding some greenery to it. It’s always fun to hang things on a window, but if you don’t have one, hanging up a faux window should help more than enough.

6. Gorgeous Red and Green Holiday Entry

Gorgeous Red and Green Holiday Entry

Oftentimes, the classic holiday color combination of red and green is the perfect choice when it comes to decorating for the season. A scene like this can radiate joy and warmth, giving guests a good indicator of what’s to come before they walk inside. Various sized, lit-up Christmas trees are a great frame for your porch. Based on the space you’re working with, you can add several of these leading up to the door. Poinsettias are another excellent plant to utilize for your porch décor as it both fits with the red and green theme while working as a classic Christmas staple.

7. Eclectic Colorful Mini Christmas DĂ©cor

Eclectic Colorful Mini Christmas DĂ©cor

If you are looking for a more contained way to decorate your front porch, check out this simplistic setup. Stacking a few items together is also an awesome idea when space is limited as you can take advantage of a little area with a handful of different items. Boxes and other containers are great to use as centerpieces or as stands for your other decorative pieces. Any style will do here, but eclectic seems to work wonderfully as it tends to stand out more. Of course, you can combine that with the standard Christmas décor using different plants or a wreath strung up.

8. Contemporary Green and Red Decorative Ornaments

Contemporary Green and Red Decorative Ornaments

Some of the best Christmas decorations utilize ornaments in a unique way. Combining yarn balls colored for the season with ornaments can create a captivating, distinctive wreath that will have all your visitors talking. Think about size variations when crafting such a piece as a healthy blend of differences can allow each individual part to stand out while also making for a more natural, wreath-like look. This use of ornaments can blend into the rest of your porch décor if you’d like, so you can keep up with a similar theme.

9. Welcoming Outdoor Holiday Sitting Arrangement

Welcoming Outdoor Holiday Sitting Arrangement

There are many ways to bring joy to your home this holiday season, and a festive sitting arrangement serves as an incredible welcoming area for visiting friends and family. The cool thing about this is that you can use whatever seats you already have on your porch and merely upgrade them to follow a Christmas theme. A few colorful pillows and some crafted snowflakes can easily set the mood. If space permits, you can always put in some greenery around from decorated mini trees to wreaths on the windows. Thankfully, this setup doesn’t need too much in order to be festive.

10. Upcycled Colorful Holiday Light Fixtures

Upcycled Colorful Holiday Light Fixtures

For those of you who love to craft, this fun project can help you create more personal décor for the holidays. Recycled light fixtures are perfect as they give you so many opportunities to create something beautiful. Consider using varied sizes too as this may flow better when set up outside. These types of fixtures readily transform into holding lanterns for different holiday decorative items. It’s true that you can add whatever you’d like, but artificial Christmas tree branches or garland seems ideal. This also gives you the chance to throw in some lights if you place this near an electric outlet so these upcycled light fixtures can still shine.

11. Unique Decorative Picture Frame Wreath

Unique Decorative Picture Frame Wreath

Source: The original source is not available anymore.

When it comes to decorating, sometimes less is more. If you don’t have the means (or simply aren’t interested) in a complete porch overhaul for the holidays, you can direct your focus just to the front door. It’s enough to still make an impact, and this minimalistic project creates a unique, customized piece of décor that will help your home stand out. Rather than a traditional wreath, you can create one using a picture frame, bells, and a bow. Choose whatever color scheme you’d like that’s fitting for the holiday season as everything is limited by your own imagination.

12. Embellished Welcoming North Pole Porch

Embellished Welcoming North Pole Porch

Nothing quite says “Christmas” like a journey to the North Pole. You can transform your front porch into a welcoming path to the magical area with a number of decorative items. This style utilizes dark tones of red and green to nail down the holiday spirit. Garland and potted greenery make up the bulk of this setup. These spaces grant you the room to add further seasonal-themed decorations to it from lights to bows and artificial apples. A great idea to utilize is the “faux gift” as it can drive home the point of visiting the North Pole. It’s stunning to see as an adult, but even more exciting if there are children in the home or visiting.

13. Classic Decorative Greenery Christmas Urns

Classic Decorative Greenery Christmas Urns

Oversized urns make for the perfect plant set up for the holidays. You can fill them up with a variety of greenery fitting for the season. On top of that, you still have space to toss in some other classic Christmas decorations. You can stick to the outdoor theme or utilize items like snowman and candy canes. If you want your candy canes to stand out more rather than appear traditional, you can always spice them up a bit using some colored ribbons or burlap as it still fits with the rustic theme without taking away from the overall holiday vibe.

14. Simple Merry Christmas Greeting Setup

Simple Merry Christmas Greeting Setup

For smaller porches or to fit a minimalistic style, you can make great use of these traditional decorations. All it takes is a wreath and a potted plant to bring some of the holiday spirits to your home. You can spruce up the wreath any way you’d like or leave it bare to maintain that simplistic theme throughout. Feel free to add in a “Merry Christmas” or any other similar welcoming sign to the arrangement.

15. Rustic Joyful Holiday Small Porch DĂ©cor

Rustic Joyful Holiday Small Porch DĂ©cor

It’s relatively easy to bring life and joy to a smaller front porch just as you would in a more spacious area. A natural look is a fun route to go down. Meaning, you can stick heavily to an outdoor theme from using a pile of wood to various greenery. A mini Christmas tree, artificial or not, is a nice choice. Garland always works out well too, and you can hang it up anywhere you can from the door or around any banisters or rails you may have on your porch. Instead of using the usual green or colorful wreaths, you can focus on a pinecone wreath as they fit with the rustic theme better.

16. Christmas Urns and Hanging Stockings DĂ©cor

Christmas Urns and Hanging Stockings DĂ©cor

Who said gifts and stockings only belonged indoors around fireplaces? You can bring some typical Christmas decorations outdoors with this cool setup. An oversized urn is ideal for utilizing greenery in a good way that won’t overtake the rest of the decorations. You can even add them to some large hanging stockings too. Both areas give the option to throw in other items from colorful ornaments to any other traditional holiday items. Also consider using some faux gifts to fill up space around the urn, if you have the room.

17. Snowflake Welcoming Vertical Christmas Sign

Snowflake Welcoming Vertical Christmas Sign

A nice addition to your holiday porch is this beautiful vertical sign. Handmade using quality wooden material, you have the option of getting a sign that says “Welcome” with a snowflake used for the “o”, or you can choose one that will say “Let it Snow”. Either option is a great way to add an accent of winter to your porch style. Another fun thing about this sign is that it can fit in with whatever decoration you already have so you don’t have to worry about adding it in.

18. Red Christmas Truck Welcome Sign

Red Christmas Truck Welcome Sign

A unique spin on the classic vertical welcoming signs, this handcrafted piece can look perfect in any porch setup. The aspect that allows this to stand out among the others is the use of a wonderfully drawn red truck. You can choose the sign that has the truck with a Christmas tree in the back or the one that is filled with presents ready to be delivered. The sign is available in a 4ft style or a 5ft style so you can choose the one that best suits your space.

19. Oversized Personalized Decorated Wooden Sled

Oversized Personalized Decorated Wooden Sled

This customized wooden sled is such an exciting way to bring the vibe of the holiday season to your front porch. It features gorgeous holiday garland, and you can select from two different stains: natural pine or walnut. You have the option of getting it as-is with the written magical saying, or you can personalize the sled so that it says something that is more fitting for your family. Add your family name, your favorite holiday quote, or anything else that you feel will bring happiness to your porch setup.

20. Magical Pre-Lit Faux Holiday Garland

Magical Pre-Lit Faux Holiday Garland

There is something that’s pure and festive about holiday garland. This pre-lit greenery is perfect for your porch as you can place it just about anywhere, and it will also flow well with any other decorative items you may have around your porch already. Although the garland itself is artificial, it features varied items that give it a more realistic appearance such as faux berries and real pinecones. There are 50 warm white LED lights that you can set up on an automatic timer so they can pop on even when you aren’t home. All of it is battery-powered too so that you can truly place the garland wherever you’d like.

21. Red Christmas Truck Floral Centerpiece Design

Red Christmas Truck Floral Centerpiece Design

The red truck is such a classic staple in Christmas decorations, and you can easily have a fun centerpiece for your porch area with this floral arrangement. It is a straightforward, effective way to breathe the holiday spirit into your porch whether you have additional decorative items or not. This offers more than enough if you are aiming for more simplistic décor. The floral arrangement in the back of the truck is properly festive, especially with the snow-tipped greenery. You have the choice to pick a buffalo check ribbon or a gingham red green ribbon.

22. Rustic Vertical Snowflake Winter Porch Sign

Rustic Vertical Snowflake Winter Porch Sign

This large, 5ft painted wooden sign is one of the best, simplest ways to add Christmas décor to your front porch. It is rustic in its appearance too, so it can fit a vintage or rural theme you may already have. It largely and proudly welcomes family and friends to your home, and rather than just use the word “Welcome”, it takes a more personal, warm approach. There is plenty going on with this sign from the friendly words to the large red snowflake and similarly colored ribbon that allows it to capture attention anytime anyone approaches your home.

23. Holiday Theme Buffalo Plaid Banners

Holiday Theme Buffalo Plaid Banners

Buffalo plaid never seems to go out of style for the holiday season, and these red and black banners use it perfectly and combine the theme with festive holiday sayings. You will receive a pack of two banners with one boasting “Happy Holidays” and the other “Merry Christmas”. It is the perfect way to celebrate the holidays in a way that is both stylish and traditional. These banners both sit at 74in. in height and only 14in. in width so that they can fit like a pair on your front porch without taking up too much room if you have other decorations.

24. Farmhouse Style Simple Wooden Snowman

Farmhouse Style Simple Wooden Snowman

Is your porch missing that extra bit of something to nail down the fun feeling of the holiday? Then consider adding this perfect snowman to the mix. It is made out of reclaimed wood, and the way it is painted allows it to add a rustic, farmhouse feel to your decorations. This is an awesome idea if you are in the mood for something that is a touch simpler or you want something that won’t overwhelm the rest of the decorations on your porch. There’s no face, but the outline itself (and the added red scarf) is absolutely perfect as it nails down the holiday spirit.

25. Distressed Wooden Faux Gift Boxes

Distressed Wooden Faux Gift Boxes

Faux Christmas presents are another stylish way to decorate your front porch, and this design takes things a step further by using wooden planks to create artificial gifts. They are unique in appearance, and they are given a cool distressed look to better give off the “present” vibe. Each plank features gorgeous holiday-colored ribbons as well as small Christmas ornaments that bring a wonderful dose of color that contrasts well with the rustic white paint on the wood. Each one is a different size too so that you can set them up in an interesting way to better resemble presents under the tree.

26. “Warm Winter Welcome” Snowman Sign

“Warm Winter Welcome” Snowman Sign

An adorably cute way to welcome friends and family to your winter-themed home is this fun snowman sign. The sign on the snowman is painted a vibrant red and features the “Warm Winter Welcome” saying with a few beautifully painted snowflakes. As for the snowman, it has a cute friendly face that will get anyone smiling when they see it. The piece is rounded out with a garland that features 20 Christmas lights. It looks great in the daytime hours, and when it starts to get darker outside, you can light it up so it can give off a welcoming glow. If you want a different bow color to match your specific theme, all you have to do is request one.

27. Cute Rustic Wooden Reindeer Pair

Cute Rustic Wooden Reindeer Pair

If you want distinctive decorative items to display on your front porch, then check out these beautifully carved wooden reindeer. They come as a pair, and they are 32in. in size so that they can make a great impact on your decorations. These even feature colorful red noses reminisce of the beloved Christmas reindeer “Rudolph”. Each of them is also finished with a quality coat of shellac so that they can remain as beautiful as when you first purchased them year after year, allowing you to reuse this setup each holiday season.

28. Easy Christmas Ornament Obelisk

Easy Christmas Ornament Obelisk

Source: The original source is not available anymore.

If you suffer from a brown thumb, or if you’re too busy managing your December calendar to care for living greenery, this is a great DIY Christmas alternative to having a living plant on your porch. Made from a wire frame and decorated with lights and ornaments, this easy to make decoration has all of the glitz of a Christmas tree with none of the upkeep. If you want to achieve this look, you could buy a ready-made upright garden obelisk as the base. If you are crafty or on a budget, a similar result can be created by using an upside down tomato cage. Simply put your structure into a clean, empty flower pot, fill the base with silk poinsettia flowers, and wrap with lights before hanging colorful ornaments.

29. Rustic Wooden Holiday Sign

Rustic Wooden Holiday Sign

Rustic touches like this wooden sign can help you create a welcoming holiday vignette on your porch. If you’re a fan of primitive holiday decor, a large sign with bold fonts can make the perfect focal point for your porch. A bright pop of red or green text on a whitewashed or naturally colored wooden sign makes a bold statement that easily pairs with other typical Christmas porch decoration such as garlands, sleds, and brown paper packages tied up with string. Phrases can be simple, such as ‘Merry Christmas’, or get creative and use a quote from your favorite holiday movie or song.

30. Galvanized Buckets with Chalk Pen Lettering

Galvanized Buckets with Chalk Pen Lettering

This creative project uses small galvanized buckets and a chalk pen to create a quick and easy to put together display for your porch steps. Simply fill the buckets with greenery, and tie them with a burlap or gingham ribbon, then use a chalk pen to write bold letters on each bucket. While this project will look great anywhere on your porch, it’s especially pleasing when used on porch steps to create a whimsical and welcoming pathway to the door. Be sure to match the number of steps you have to the number of letters in the word you choose. For most people, this means a short word like ‘joy’, ‘merry’, or ‘noel’ will work best.

31. Wrapped Pillars with Lantern-Lit Steps

Wrapped Pillars with Lantern-Lit Steps

Source: The original source is not available anymore.

Looking for an elegant look for your entry? By wrapping garland around the columns of your porch and placing lanterns on the steps you can create a visually inviting entryway that leads your visitor’s gaze to the front door where planters and a wreath complete the look. This classic approach looks beautiful on almost any porch, and you can personalize it to suit your needs. Use simple greenery and bare branch twigs for a natural, minimalist look, or jazz it up with bright ornaments and colored Christmas lights for a bolder look.

32. Large Christmas Lanterns

Large Christmas Lanterns

Source: The original source is not available anymore.

If you don’t want to decorate the whole porch, a simple display by the door can bring a bit of holiday cheer to a plain porch. These lanterns can fit on even a small apartment stoop. The best thing about using these oversized lantern boxes for Christmas porch decorating is their versatility. Fill them with Christmas ornaments for an easy look, or stuff them with pinecones, greenery, or burlap and lights for a more rustic look. In fact, they are so versatile, you could use them for other holidays, too! Fill them with eggs for Easter, or squashes in the fall.

33. Wooden Sign and Wreath

Wooden Sign and Wreath

This playful grouping combines a wooden sign with large lettering and a wreath for a fun DIY Christmas look. You can buy pre-cut letters and paint them before attaching them to the board, or you can simply paint the letters directly on the surface. If you are in a home where you can’t hang decorations on your door, this gives you the option to still display your wreath. Other words such as ‘noel’ or ‘snow’ work, too! Add an apple basket filled with greenery – or use it to store wet winter gear like scarves, gloves, and ice skates – for a rustic and practical touch.

34. Classic Garland and Red Bows

Classic Garland and Red Bows

Source: The original source is not available anymore.

If you want time-tested decor ideas, then this simple, eye-catching, and ageless combination of green garland, white Christmas lights, and big red bows is hard to beat. The key to this display is its simplicity: don’t be tempted to add extra ribbon or any additional touches. Best for porches with spacious railings, you can carry the look indoors by using the same garlanding above windows and up the stairs to tie together your indoor and outdoor home decor. This is also a great look for an apartment balcony or for a fence if you don’t have a porch.

35. Neutral Yarn and Twine Ball Wreath

Neutral Yarn and Twine Ball Wreath

Source: The original source is not available anymore.

This wreath makes full use of re-purposed materials such as twine and yarn. There are a few ways you could achieve this look, but the simplest and most cost-effective version would incorporate recycled items from previous Christmases. Take old ornaments, and spray paint some of them silver, and wrap the rest of them with neutral twine, yarn, or rope. You could also use old ribbon from last year’s presents if you’d like. Then, simply add some ornaments or wooden snowflakes. Alternately, use natural elements like prickly sweet gum balls, wicker balls, or preserved flowers for a more rustic yet still playful wreath.

36. Hanging Christmas Baskets

Hanging Christmas Baskets

Hanging baskets help draw your eye upwards and are a sophisticated way to frame a porch entryway. Unfortunately, there aren’t too many plants that thrive in them when winter weather sets in. Once the summer blooms fade and the first frost kills the plants in your hanging baskets, replace them with these creative Christmas displays. Because the basket can hide a water source, fresh evergreen branches last longer than they would as a wreath or in a garland. With a little greenery, some lights, and some ornaments, you can take your Christmas porch decorating to a new level! Treat these baskets like small Christmas trees and decorate them any way you’d like.

37. DIY Rustic Painted Logs

DIY Rustic Painted Logs

Source: The original source is not available anymore.

Simple enough for children to help with, this DIY Christmas project uses cut logs and paint to create an easy-to-make entryway display. You can cut the wood yourself if you have access to a wood pile, or can find birch logs in an arts and crafts store. Then, simply paint your design onto the cut surface of the wood. These Santas use white and red paint, but you can try your hand at snowmen or reindeer instead. Even if you’re not an artist, this simple project will bring a rustic touch to your porch. Tie the logs with a festive ribbon to complete the look.

38. Christmas Firewood Bucket

Christmas Firewood Bucket

One of the key things to keep in mind when decorating your porch for Christmas is that your decorations should look good both during the day and at night. This uncomplicated project can be made for free if you have access to evergreen branches, some cut firewood, and a string of lights. Don’t bother to string the lights among the branches, as this arrangement looks best when the lights shine up from the base of the bucket. The best part of this arrangement is that you can use whatever greenery you have available, such as pine, juniper, holly, ivy, or other evergreen branches.

39. Grand Birch Branch Display

Grand Birch Branch Display

Source: The original source is not available anymore.

This Christmas porch decoration idea is beautiful and showy. Spacious porches need large displays, and this towering display will look stately on a sizeable stoop. In fact, for this style of display, the taller you can make the branches, the better it will look. The long birch branches make a bold contrast to the lush greenery, and along with some red ornaments, create a pleasant red, green, and white Christmas theme. Although it is attractive without lights, you could wrap Christmas lights around the branches to make the arrangement more visible at night. If you don’t have a tall enough pot, consider using an umbrella stand for the base.

40. Bold Wreath Trio

Bold Wreath Trio

Three wreaths-a-hangin’, two festive bushes, and a giant oversized bow! If you’re planning on going all-out this holiday season, this arrangement is sure to garner compliments. Finding a suitably large bow is the key to perfecting this decor idea to give a cheery focus to the arrangement. Use large 24″ wreaths if you have a wide door, make a scaled down version if you have a smaller door, or if you have a truly grand entryway then consider flanking the entrance with similarly decorated Christmas trees to really make the neighbors jealous.

41. Rustic Wooden Snowman

Rustic Wooden Snowman

Source: deavita.com

Not everyone has a white Christmas, and if December snow is somewhat sparse or non-existent where you live, then consider using this friendly and non-melting wooden snowman to decorate your porch. There are a number of retailers that sell large wooden snowmen, but if you have some tools and a little time, then you can easily create your own out of wooden posts or even out of recycled wooden pallets. Primitive touches such as a small birdhouse, a big burlap ribbon used as a scarf, and worn, distressed paint add a touch of whimsy.

42. Country Christmas Vignette

Country Christmas Vignette

Sometimes you don’t need a single, large focal point to create the perfect entryway. This look ties together many smaller Christmas porch decorating elements to make a display that fills the front of your house with rustic vintage charm. The tall ivy planter, the wreath, and evergreen sash above the door bring a welcome splash of green and liveliness to the grouping. The chalkboard, skis, and sled are fun and outdoorsy. The candle lanterns and the big red bows complete the look and add a touch of rustic elegance to this farmhouse layout.

43. Brown Paper Packages

Brown Paper Packages

This low-cost DIY Christmas porch idea is as charming as it is simple. All that is needed is a stack of boxes wrapped in brown paper, some greenery, and a big jolly bow. The apple picks are a nice touch around the base, although you could replace them with ornaments or pinecones for a slightly different motif. It’s easy to match this display to the rest of your holiday home decor by using color-coordinated ribbon for the bow or using some of the garland material you already have to decorate the base. Scaled down, this would make an excellent table top display if you have a side table or storage bench on your porch.

44. Paper Snowflake Strings

Paper Snowflake Strings

These paper snowflakes are a nostalgic reminder of childhood Christmases and are a minimalistic way to approach Christmas porch decoration. You can make them out of plain white paper to save some money, or you can use weather resistant paper if you plan on hanging them where they will be exposed to rain, wind, and snow. You can easily make these by folding and cutting random free-hand shapes, or you can use specialty stencils if you prefer a more uniform look. Children love helping to create Christmas decor, and this would be a perfect project for them.

45. Rustic Ladder Display

Rustic Ladder Display

Using an old wooden ladder is a fun and funky way to display your Christmas decor. Obviously, you can’t just use any old ladder. To achieve this look, you’ll need a wooden ladder that has been whitewashed in order to get a rustic, textured appearance. Then, feel free to place whatever decorations you see fit on the steps. Lanterns, greenery, pinecones, or any other similar small ornaments can all be used to festoon the ladder. As part of a larger tableau that includes a small tree and a blackboard, this makes a simple but effective display.

46. Outdoor Stocking Display

Outdoor Stocking Display

Homey touches like the roughly cut red polka dot Christmas tree silhouettes on the wall, and the flannel blanket hung over the wooden ladder in the background make this a fun and folksy way to decorate your porch. The red and white stockings stuffed with greenery are an unconventional twist on the traditional mantle display and the use of mix and match containers like the glass vase, galvanized bucket and repurposed planter urn make this look a practical and inexpensive way to approach Christmas porch decorating.

47. Recycled Wood Snowflakes

Recycled Wood Snowflakes

Source: The original source is not available anymore.

Big, bold, and beautiful! If you want a standout way to decorate your entryway, then these oversized DIY Christmas snowflakes are one way to make a break from traditional porch decor. If you have extra wood in your garage, or if you can find some free wooden pallets, then these snowflakes needn’t cost much to make. Simply paint or whitewash each piece of wood while allowing some of the weathered wood grain to come through, then create hexagonal shapes that look like a snowflake. Depending on how minimalistic you want to be, you could display these giant snowflakes by themselves or as part of a grouping with other rustic Christmas decor such as the paper garland and wire lantern shown here.

48. Rustic Pallet Sign

Rustic Pallet Sign

Source: etsy.com

This saucy sign takes rustic Christmas decor in a colorful direction. Unlike a lot of wooden signs, this brash and cheerful ‘Merry Christmas’ sign is brightly painted instead of muted. Unlike a neutral barn wood finish, the red paint immediately draws the eye and makes this an instant focal point for you Christmas porch decoration. Despite its intense color, the vintage-looking font and rustic wear around the edges means that you can easily pair this sign with other rustic elements such as a miniature Christmas tree, burlap wreath, and a wooden chair.

49. Simple Greenery

Simple Greenery

If you prefer a more subdued display, then this easy to duplicate option is for you. Too often it can be tempting to fill the porch with a colorful assortment of distracting holiday decor and endless strings of lights. With minimalism becoming more popular, this simple use of greenery has appeal and the simplicity gives this porch an airy and clean feel. The evergreen wreath is a conservative affair with only pinecones to add a bit of contrast, and the garland is simple greenery with no strings of lights or ribbons. In fact, the only nod towards the typical explosion of bows are the two simple ribbons in the bushes.

50. Miniature Christmas Trees in Olive Buckets

Miniature Christmas Trees in Olive Buckets

Another simplistic but effective display makes use of antiqued olive buckets and minimally decorated miniature Christmas trees to create a straightforward but pleasing entryway. The simple string of white Christmas lights around each tree makes it possible to warmly illuminate your porch at night. If you’re planning to put up an ornate wreath on your door, going for something more simple like these trees as secondary decor elements is a good idea if you don’t want to distract from the main focus of your Christmas porch decoration.

51. Elegant and Understated Entryway

Elegant and Understated Entryway

Reminiscent of a French country villa, this porch display makes use of abundant greenery and bountiful burlap to create a rustic yet refined entryway. The simple and sparse use of Christmas lights coupled with oversized lanterns lends a cheery glow to the steps while the repurposed wire laundry baskets and galvanized buckets add an old fashioned industrial charm to the overall look. Most importantly, the symmetrical way in which all of the decor is laid out means that the eyes of your friends and family will be immediately drawn to the tree in the foyer.

52. Old Fashioned Festive Lantern

Old Fashioned Festive Lantern

Source: The original source is not available anymore.

Looking for a way to light up your porch in a festive and cheerful way? Repurposing an old lantern can do just the trick. Remove the bulb or candle and fill with ornaments and battery operated lights to create a unique way to greet guests and carolers alike to your house.

53. Winter Wonderland Wagon

Winter Wonderland Wagon

This shabby chic Christmas porch decoration idea makes use of antique finds such as an old ceramic crock, rusty gardening tools, an enamel bowl, a galvanized watering can and several other rustic pieces to create a playful display. The man centerpiece, however, is the old wagon. This is an inspired option for a Christmas spread since it allows for a creative display space. The elevated platform of the wagon bed is a great area to tuck some greenery around tall arrangements like the berry-laden holly branches in the watering can and the bare-branched tree.

54. Classic Christmas Column Garlands

Classic Christmas Column Garlands

Source: The original source is not available anymore.

Make use of your columns to establish an eye-catching approach to your front door by accenting them with garlands. These reusable garlands have embedded Christmas lights. This makes it a simple task to put up and take down the garland each year. Simply hang some colorful ornaments from them for a pop of color, and you now have a stunning lighted entryway. Also of note are the light sprays in the planters by the door. Although the planters themselves are relatively plain, the addition of a few branches with Christmas lights adds a flair of the dramatic.

55. Dramatic Garland with Oversized Ornaments

Dramatic Garland with Oversized Ornaments

If you’re drawn to home decor that makes a bold statement, then this Christmas porch decorating idea will jingle your bells. What sets this look apart is the abundant and oversized ornaments used to accent the otherwise plain garland around the door. Large snowflakes bedeck not only the garland but the wreath on the door, and gigantic red ornaments and huge bows grace every inch of the greenery. If your house has a large door which will become the focal point of your decorating efforts, then this boisterous garland is a perfect fit.

56. Wicker Sleigh

Wicker Sleigh

Although it’s unlikely that this wicker sleigh would handle an overnight trip around the globe, it does make a fun and rustic addition to this porch. If you want to include a sleigh on you ‘nice’ list of decor ideas, you can make or buy one relatively cheaply. Load it up with brightly wrapped presents as shown here, or place a burlap sack in it with presents peeking out the top and a small Christmas tree beside it. This is one project where you can be as creative as you like.

57. Welcoming Seating Area with Cozy Blankets

Welcoming Seating Area with Cozy Blankets

Most of us tend to retreat indoors once winter sets in, but this cozy porch might convince you to spend the afternoon watching the snow fall while you cuddle up in a warm blanket. Sizeable lanterns add the magic of candle light to this romantic display. The relatively simple strings of lights on the columns allow the seating area to be the main focus of this particular grouping. Although this particular porch uses muted colors and neutral tones, You could use bright pillows or plaid blankets to add some color to your entryway.

58. Red and White Monochrome

Red and White Monochrome

This simple and serene combination of cool white and vibrant red decorations is an easy way to give your porch some drama without overfilling it with too many adornments or overly large displays. Note that the wreath and planters are of an ordinary size, but because of the color contrast they are immediately noticeable. You could duplicate this look using any color, but the pops of red against the neutral, pale walls and the white door of this house are especially impactful. Decor ideas like this one prove that you shouldn’t be afraid of bright and dramatic contrast when planning your Christmas decor.

59. Decorated Wrought Iron Bench

Decorated Wrought Iron Bench

Source: The original source is not available anymore.

Benches often take a back seat during the winter when it’s often too cold to spend a lot of time on the front porch. This Christmas porch decorating idea makes use of this overlooked area of the entryway to show off some extra garlanding, some lights, and a few seasonal pillows. Suddenly, the bench becomes a gently lit and agreeable nook rather than a forlorn storage space for wet boots. If you live in a windy area, this concept becomes even more appealing, since it’s unlikely that the garland will be blown off of the heavy bench like it can be blown from a porch railing or doorway.

60. LED Branch Arrangement

LED Branch Arrangement

This easy to care for arrangement is a great alternative to having a small Christmas tree or other greenery by the door. Because the branches have LED Christmas lights embedded in them you need not bother with long tangles of unruly string lights. If you prefer a more modern approach to Christmas porch decoration, the simple colors and quirky curled willow branches are a way to eschew traditional holiday decorations while still keeping a fun touch of whimsy in your home decor.

61. Brightly Shining Christmas Lights

Brightly Shining Christmas Lights

The crisp winter air might chill your bones, but creating a brightly lit space for reception to your house will help warm the hearts of guests and passersby alike. Creating lines of lights helps guide the eye towards the doorway which is framed with even more lights and garlands. Seeing a porch like this might make even Santa himself skip the traditional chimney entry into the house and decide to go in the front door instead.

62. Ornament Spires

Ornament Spires

Source: deavita.com

Looking for an alternative to the usual greenery for your porch planters? If you have a brown thumb or if you are tired of the same old evergreen shrubs flanking your door every Christmas, this design is a creative way to liven up your entryway. These visually arresting spires are a great DIY Christmas project that allows you to transform oversized ornaments into fun accents. Drill holes in each end of the ornaments, then stack them on a dowel and place them in a planter with smaller ornaments filling the base.

63. Christmas Tree Shaped Pallet Sign

Christmas Tree Shaped Pallet Sign

If you like the rustic feel of wood plank signs and are confident in your DIY skills, try your hand at making this recycled wood pallet sign shaped like a Christmas tree. With a few simple tools, you can create this memorable Christmas porch decoration for very little money. Feel free to tailor it to your space, since making it larger or smaller is a simple matter of adding more or fewer planks, and find a meaningful Christmas song lyric or phrase that fits comfortably on the planks. Think the barn wood is too stark? Whitewash it or paint it green for a shabby chic look.

64. Hand-crafted White Manger

Hand-crafted White Manger

Sometimes basic is best. For those who want to celebrate the season without going overboard or racking up an enormous electric bill, this simple display of Christmas spirit can be the way to go. Constructing a small manger out of scrap wood can be a fun, hands-on way to celebrate the holiday while keeping it simple. As a plus, it can be used for other purposes throughout the year, or easily stored in a garage until next year.

65. Southern Porch Bunting Lights

Southern Porch Bunting Lights

Small town charm oozes from this classic display of Christmas Lights. It hits all the traditional Christmas decoration points; reindeer on the roof, bright lights across the porch, garland wrapped around the railing. The American flag on the end is the exclamation point on the display, recalling simpler times. Viewing this house one can almost smell the baking pies and roasted turkeys that are undoubtedly being prepared inside for a family visit.

66. Intimate Front Porch Swing

Intimate Front Porch Swing

This cozy seating area proves that with the right accouterments, even a chilly porch can be warm and inviting. Big holiday cushions and the addition of an ottoman make the swing a more practical option for outdoor seating during the winter and give you the opportunity to personalize the space. Although this look makes use of some greenery, the burlap wrapped Christmas ‘trees’ are an inspired and rustic twist. Built over a straightforward wooden frame and topped with stars, these trees have Christmas lights inside making them a homey addition to this porch.

67. Make Your Steps the Star of the Show

Make Your Steps the Star of the Show

Source: The original source is not available anymore.

There are a lot of things to love about this arrangement. Small touches like the love bird statues on the lower step and the silver lanterns on the upper step add a folksy feel, but the live plants are the key to this lush porch step grouping. Not only do live plants tend to stay verdant and green all season unlike cut greenery, but they can be kept alive for future Christmases, too! This type design which focuses on the steps instead of the door can be a great alternative for houses where it is impractical to decorate the door.

68. Magnolia and Birch Bundle

Magnolia and Birch Bundle

For a touch of homespun country vivacity, this magnolia and birch branch bundle can’t be beat. This Christmas porch decorating idea is easy to replicate and would make a great accent to any entryway. The large spray of magnolia leaves at the center of the bundle is an inspirational addition that sets this arrangement apart from other greenery displays. If you live in an area where magnolia is common, adding some of the large evergreen branches to the usual pine and spruce boughs and tying everything with a sweet plaid bow as shown here will give your doorway an unpretentious touch of elegance.

69. Re-purposed Holiday Vanity

Re-purposed Holiday Vanity

An ingenious way to make use of wasted space on your porch this holiday is to use an old re-purposed vanity. This inventive display not only gives you an elevated place to display smaller Christmas decor such as small candle holders, a snowman statue, and some greenery, but it also gives you some bonus storage space. If you are tired of wet mittens and muddy shoes littering your porch, this could be a great solution. This particular vanity has been painted with chalkboard paint, and then artistic swirls and designs have been traced onto the surface for an extra festive flourish.

70. Natural Christmas Decor

Natural Christmas Decor

This approach eschews the explosion of color and lights that many Christmas decorations go for and instead aims for simplicity and elegance. The straight lines of the pine branches draw the eye towards the front door and the promise of holiday joy within. The contrast of the greenery against a basic white background makes the overall display seem alive and fresh.

71. Alternative Ornament Placement

Alternative Ornament Placement

If you are looking for alternative decor ideas for your porch garland, this simple use of ornaments to form focal points at each end of the greenery is an easy way to switch up your usual holiday display. Plain garland can be boring, but if you prefer a more subdued porch presentation, this option can add some sparkle to your entryway without overwhelming the other decorations. Instead of dispersing ornaments evenly along the length of the garland, bunch them into clumps. The effect is almost like hanging large red bows. You could achieve a more woodsy look by using groupings of pinecones instead.

72. Fierce Black, White, and Red Decor

Fierce Black, White, and Red Decor

Too much red and green in your Christmas porch decorating can start to feel kitschy, and the boldly patterned black and white blanket and pillow in this seating arrangement are a fun and alternative. The rocking chairs flank a storage bench which has been used to display additional Christmas decorations, including a tall galvanized bucket with greenery to add some height, a wooden sign with whimsical handwritten song lyrics, and some scattered red ornaments. A large metal framed sphere completes the modern look.

73. Silver and Bold

Silver and Bold

Source: The original source is not available anymore.

This stunning display takes rustic Christmas porch decoration to an all new level. The enormous bare stick swag above the entryway is a pleasant contrast to the elegant silver pendant ornaments hung from its branches. Lanterns line the sidewalk along with primitive woven Christmas trees with sparse string lights. Most interesting of all is the decoration on the door, which is a collection of silver pitchers loosely gathered into a bundle with rustic burlap ribbon. Separately, each element of this display would feel unpolished and unrefined. But when they are carefully combined, they make a grand statement and a truly sensational display.

74. Shabby Chic Porch

Shabby Chic Porch

The chipped white paint of the porch floor and the screen made from old shutters in the background provide the perfect backdrop for this shabby chic entryway. The table, with its ruffled burlap tablecloth, takes center stage in this grouping. Simple touches such as the box of pinecones and the plaid dish add a masculine element to this otherwise feminine and frilly porch.

75. Simple Lantern Swag

Simple Lantern Swag

Source: The original source is not available anymore.

Who needs string lights when you already have porch lights? If you’re not looking forward to detangling and hanging miles of Christmas lights this year, then this simple solution can help you do away with them. It’s as easy as wrapping a bundle of carefully arranged greenery into a swag, and then tying it behind your existing porch light for some instant holiday panache. You can size your greenery to suit your porch lights, and if you have recessed or insubstantial fixtures, consider placing an entire wreath around them. This particular display uses natural elements like bright red berries and pinecones for added color and texture, but feel free to use whatever flourishes you prefer.

50+ Inviting Holiday Decor Ideas for Your Porch

Almost everyone has tried and true porch decor items that they deploy year after year, but this holiday season consider breaking from routine and trying some new decor ideas from the fifty looks listed here to freshen up your front porch. You need not spend a lot of money since the recent trend towards rustic and minimalistic design allows you to use your creativity to produce whimsical DIY decor.

No matter what, remember that the holidays are a time to celebrate tradition and togetherness, so make sure that your porch is as welcoming as possible and ensure your decor is a reflection of your personal style. Make use of the space you have, and highlight the best aspects of your entryway. If you have a large, wraparound porch, use generous swathes of garland on the railing. If you have a large door, use a magnificent wreath to draw the eye to it. If you have wide steps, use this area for extra display space. With a little effort, even the smallest apartment landing or balcony can host a beautiful Christmas display.

Christmas Porch Decorations

Christmas Porch Decor Ideas

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