Get Back to Work with These 50 Great Home Office Ideas


24. The Office Under the Stairs

The Office Under the Stairs


The space under the stairs might be used for simple storage, but it’s often dead space that’s underutilized. Since there’s no door, the small space doesn’t feel as claustrophobic as it might otherwise feel, and the wooden desk and white chair blend well with the home decor of the rest of the space. Small knick-knacks are there for inspiration, but you could easily use those shelves to store reference materials or other things you might need for your current projects.

25. Fantastically Feminine

Fantastically Feminine


With the gold accent lamps and the sculpture climbing up the wall, this office definitely has a feminine feel, but that might be the right fit for your personality. When you’re creating a home office space, you need something that inspires you. Don’t feel pressured to stick with sleek functionality. Note how the space is defined by the carpet underneath it. This is yet another example of the way that you can define a working space within a larger room like a living room or bedroom when you aren’t able to have a purely dedicated space.

26. An Office in the Woods?

An Office in the Woods?


Wallpaper has come a long way, and you shouldn’t feel afraid to use it in a unique way. This room has wallpaper that looks like the woods, but you could also find some that looks like a jungle or the beach for a completely different feel. The shelves made from ladders are a unique way to solve your shelving problem without using the typical shelves. As in the picture before it, this person has used a small carpet to really separate the work space from the rest of the room. You might imagine that the other half of the room could be a play space for the kids or an open space for exercise.

27. Chalkboard Fun and Work

Chalkboard Fun and Work


If you’re choosing to work at home in order to spend more time with your children, you know how difficult it can be to find that balance. Chalkboard paint is a fun way to give your kids something to do while you’re at work. Paint a wall or two using this special paint, and you’re able to instantly have a convenient place for your calendar or to-do list as well as a place for your kids to do their “work” while you do yours. With a simple desk mounted into the nook, this picture shows that it’s not always the home office furniture that makes the space perfect. Sometimes, it’s the other little touches.

28. A Blending of Styles

A Blending of Styles

You don’t always need to stick with a single home office design plan, as you can see in this picture. The standing floor lamp and orange chair have a mid-century modern feel to this office space, but the wood paneling on the shelves and desk feels more like the ‘70s. Some might say that the Chinese artwork on the shelves would clash with the jungle-theme of the zebra rug, but it’s clear that sometimes, you can keep everything that you like in the same space. It’s your office, and it should bring you pleasure.

29. Fabulous Florals

Fabulous Florals

Having fresh, brightly colored flowers in your office space is a great way to help you feel calm and focused. In this room, flowers are placed in vases of various sizes, adding some height, while the potted plants add necessary green. When you make use of vases, you can easily swap out the flowers are your mood changes. The simple wooden desk shown here can be either a computer desk or a writing desk, and the color works well with the wood in the ceiling. This is a fine office area for someone looking for office design ideas that are simple and don’t go overboard.

30. Clean and Simple

Clean and Simple

The desk may be small and simple, but it might be all you need to set up your home office. The space is overwhelmingly white, which can give it a clinical feel, but it’s just the type of space that many people prefer when working. A pillow jazzes up an otherwise uncomfortable chair, while the collection of art on the walls helps define the space. Using art that’s predominantly white with a white matte and white frames is an interesting choice, but it definitely fits with the home design this person has chosen.

31. Setting Aside Space

Setting Aside Space

While we’ve seen other home office design ideas that make use of carpeting to define the space of the office, this work space uses the lack of carpeting to separate the office area from the living area. Despite the difference in spaces, gold in the office chair and hanging birdcages helps the office blend in with the rest of the room. When you’re using a single room for multiple purposes like this, you typically want to make choices that both define the space and incorporate some of the same home design elements. This designer has done this well.

32. The Artful Office

The Artful Office

Those in the business of creating things often need office design ideas that feature a lot more storage space than the average office worker needs. With built-in shelving and drawers along two of the walls, you certainly won’t be lacking for space in here. Painting the backs of the shelves adds visual interest to any space, but this is unique in that in uses a solid color in some areas and a design in others. Colorful accents like the chairs and storage containers add energy to the bright white room and a large desk in the center offers the space you need to work.

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