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30 Ways To Use Outside Christmas Lights To Deck Your Halls This Holiday Season

By HomeBNC • Updated on 2024-03-04

With the holidays right around the corner, it is time to share your holiday spirit with your home decor. Some of you may have been resisting the urge to bust out your Christmas decorations since October, but there are several others that may be stressing over how to get their home holida ready without the hassle. Perhaps, you might be worried that decking the halls means emptying our your wallet. Fortunately, there are many ways to decorate on a dime without hours of crafting.

You Won’t Believe How Simple Lighting Can Turn Your Home Into A Winter Wonderland

Outside Christmas lighting offers the perfect opportunity for inexpensive decorations and endless possibilities. Whether you want to create an over the top winter wonderland or a tranquil spot of holiday cheer, we have compiled a great list of lighting accessories that set your home aglow this holiday season. It doesn’t matter what kind of design you want, this list has you covered from traditional and classic to contemporary or modern lighting looks. Choose which accessories speak to you and discover how simple lighting decor can have a huge impact on your home’s appearance.

1. Beautiful Solar String Lights

Beautiful Solar String Lights

These Innoo Tech Solar String lights are a beautiful option for adding some light to your patio, deck or other outside gathering space. The whimisical globe lights smit a soft amber glow and perfect for relaxing under the stars. These solar lights are weather-resistant and are prepared to cold rain or snowy conditions. These lights can also be used indoors which lends some creative decoration opportunities in spaces with natural light. Also known as fairy lights, this accessory was made to create a romantic peaceful vibe. Each 19.7 foot rope includes 30 LED globe lights. Plus, starting at around ten dollars a rope, you can cover a lot of space for just a little expense. Anoter plus is that these lights will look great hanging up throughout the entire year.

2. Multicolor Fairy Lights

Multicolor Fairy Lights

Add some color to your outdoor decor with these unique LED ball-style fairy lights. Each 72 foot rope holds 200 LED lights to illuminate your yard, patio or other outdoor space. The multicolor look will add a festive flair to your outdoor Christmas lights and other Christmas accessories. One of our favorite things about these lights are their long lighting time. With enough sunlight exposure during the day, these LED lights will work for more than eight hours, even in the rain. This specific type of lighting offers several settings, such as twinkle. This allows you complete control over the type of mood you want to set.

3. Old School Industrial Look

Old School Industrial Look

These Brightech Ambience Pro are extremely unique and are quickly becoming a trend in lighting home decor. The industrial look of the hanging socket and bulb shape allows you to give your outdoor space a contemporary feel. This brand is also a customer favorite because of its reputation for durablilty. These commercial grade lights will last your through the holiday season and throughout the year, The adorable lights were designed to be arranged in a number of ways and installed quickly and easily. Each light socket has a loop to allow you to place it anyway you like. Get creative and create a chandlier appearance by layering these lights.

4. Chuzzle Ball Christmas Lights

Chuzzle Ball Christmas Lights

Make your house one of the most unique on the block with these LUCKLED Chuckle ball solar lights. Believe us, they look as unique as their name. These multicolor fairy lights give off a party vibe with their textured ball design. Also, there is no fuss involved. The lights will automatically turn on at night after fully charging each day in the sunlight. Each strand holds 50 Chuzzle-shaped balls in the dazzling colors of red, yellow, blue and purple. A few clever customers have also used these lights indoors by placing the solar panel by a window.

5. Illuminate With Snowflakes

Illuminate With Snowflakes

Stop dreaming of a white Christmas and create your own snowy oasis without the freezing fingers. These battery operated snowflake string lights provide ambient lighting and festive outside Christmas lights. Each 13 foot strand holds 40 plastic snowflakes. Each snowflake feaures detailed design and twinkles in the soft LED light. One thing you will love about these lights is the bendable wire that allows you to arrange lights in any patterns or shapes. The bulbs are very small and let off just enough light to create whimisical charm for your outdoor space. These battery operated lights are also very affordable, which you means you can decorate even more area on a budget.

6. Solar Rope Lights

Solar Rope Lights

Rope lights are always an easy and decorative lighting choice for any time of the year with their soft white light. However, the solar-charged rope lights can used to accent any decorations or trim an area. Use these water-proof lights to wrap pillars or fences. Another popular for these lights is to trim the edges of roofs or lawns. Made out of flexible material, these lights can bend and shape to fit any decoration idea you may have. Not only are these lights extremely cost effective, they also come with an one year warranty. Pick up some inexpensive mounting clips to make installation an absolute breeze.

7. Icicles Without The Cold

Icicles Without The Cold

We love the snowflake lights, but these icicle solar lights are absolutely adorable. Each teardrop shaped light emits a beautiful ice blue light. With 20 lightbulbs on each 15.7 foot rope, you can create your own winter scene without the snowstorm. With no mess installation, simply let the solar panel charge for at least 6 to 8 hours in the sunlight. Once it has charged, you can enjoy a full night of light. While we love the traditional blue, these icicle lights are also available in four other colors: white, warm white, purple and multicolor. With so many options, you can create a rainbow of icicles! These lights would look great around gazebo or patio roof.

8. Flexible Wire Lights

Flexible Wire Lights

Add some rustic charm with these flexible copper wire lights. These solar lights may look delicate but they are durable and water resistant. Available in a number of colors, such as warm white, white, blue and multicolored. Use relaxing warm white for a cozy and romantic vibe or multicolored for a fun and festive atmosphere. You can also set them to twinkle or steady on. Another thing we love about this particular set of lights is that you can expand and connect strands to make sure you can cover even the largest of areas.

9. Multicolored Fairy Lights

Multicolored Fairy Lights

When choosing outdoor Christmas lights, keep it easy and fuss-free with a versatile solar ball light like these multicolored fairy lights. With 31 feet of water proof lighting, you can decorate indoors and outdoors to set the mood for a festive holiday party. We love that you can change the light settings to change up your decorations in a snap. The warm light emitted from the red, yellow, green and purple lights is the perfect amount for holiday cocktails on the patio or exchanging gifts in the family room. These lights are not only versatile but extremely affordable!

10. Curtain Lighting

Curtain Lighting

The decorating options are endless with these string light curtain lights. You can use them as an elegant backdrop or festive wall or entryway decoration. These are the perfect lighting accessory for extremely cold climates and are made to be freezeproof. Drape your home in curtains of white, warm white or blue light with no-fuss installation. This LED light curtain features eight different settings, such as wave, chasing and twinkle sequences. Our favorite detail is that the superbright light will let you party into the night. Whether you are decorating for a winter wedding, dance party or intimate get together, these lights are just what you need to set the mood.

11. Path Of Light

Path Of Light

Create a pathway of light with these unique solar light. Simply stake these lights lined up on your walkway and enjoy the festive multicolored glow. With 8 lights in a pack, design a pattern of yellow, green, orange and red. These solar lights not only emit beauiful colors, but create a starlike pattern on the ground. Your guests will literally be walking on light. Besides being a easy twist on outside Christmas lights, this is also a creative way to illuminate the sidewalk or driveway to create a safe walking area. Plus, it is a great way to find your way if you have indulged in a bit too much eggnog.

12. Solar String Lights

Solar String Lights

Sometimes less is better. These tiny solar lights are a great option for those that just want a subtle touch of light. Use these solar lights to create whimisical spots of light indoors or outdoors. You can switch the sequence modes between steady or flashin, depending on your desired look. Each 72 foot strand holds 200 of these delicate lights. The opportunities are endless with seven color options, such as multicolored, warm white or blue. Some have even used these lights as an inexpensive and eco-friendly alternative to Christmas tree lighting. Simply place the solar panel near a window to charge and your tree will sparkle all night long.

13. Foldable Snowflake

Foldable Snowflake

Nothing says Christmas is here more than snow. Use this unique lighted snowflake as an accent piece when arranging your lighting. Measuring 20 inches, this snowflake offers the perfect amount of bright LED light. Get more than one to hang from your outside trees. Both sides are illuminated, so you will be able to see the glow from every direction. The best part is when you are done with it, the snowflake folds up for easy storage. However, the design is very solid which can sometimes be a concern with foldable decorations. Also, we love the cool white light. It is the perfect amount of brightness for Christmas light display.

14. Southern Christmas

Southern Christmas

Mason jars have become a trend when it comes to country and shabby chic motifs. Add a southern flair to your Christmas decor with these mason jar light inserts. How adorable would a walkway lined with lit-up mason jars look? These solar mason jar lights would also make creative centerpieces for an outdoor party or gathering. These lights easily transform a normal mason jar into a one of a kind light. Simply substitute the jar’s lid for one of these special lids and light is simply a switch away. Three lights come in a pack and are extremely affordable. We are going to start collecting mason jars right now!

15. Cherry Blossom Lights

Cherry Blossom Lights

Who doesn’t appreciate the beauty of cherry blossom flowers? With these unique solar lights, you can enjoy them in the middle of the winter. These Qedertek cherry blossom solar string lights come in multiple colors choices, such as multicolored, pink, blue, purple, warm white and cool white. Each three foot strand of blossoms creates a beautiful hue of light. You can control the power and sequencing with the push of a button. These unique lights offer plenty of decor ideas, such as lighting up a patio or garden area. We are absolutely in love with these whimisical blossom lights.

16. Crystal Ball Lights

Crystal Ball Lights

We can’t help but fall in love these Senbowe solar crystal ball string lights. These durable lights offer a luxurious charming look to your outside Christmas decor. Each strand is 20 feet long and gives you plenty of light with each ball measuring at 2 inches in diameter. There are plenty of ways to get creative with these lights since they are offered in a number of colors, such as blue, purple and multicolored. Another plus is that these lights are extremely easy to install and come with a one-year warranty and customer service available 24 hours a day. Perfect for those last minute Christmas decorations disaster help.

17. Copper Wire Lights

Copper Wire Lights

Relax and enjoy the holiday season under the ambiance of these solar string lights. Made of flexible copper wire, these lights are extremely easy to use to decorate pretty any area you want. We think these would look great placed in mini decor trees! The warm white light emitted from these delicate lights is the perfect amount to create a festive glow. You can also set them to flash as well if you want to really feel festive. While these lights may look extremely delicate, they are made to last. Past customers have raved about these lights and had nothing but positive things to say about them. We think they are must have Christmas accessories.

18. Lawn Lights

Lawn Lights

These one of a kind lawn lights were designed to create an unique outdoor lighting oppotunity with little expense or effort and that is exactly what it does! You can illuminate your yard by simply unrolling the string of lights and staking each light pod into its desired location. Each set includes 25 feet of lighting, making it the perfect choice for edging your yard. However, we think you could step it up a notch by covering your lawn with these beautiful pods of light. This is a relatively new trend on the lighting market and we just know this will soon be the hottest holiday lighting trend.

19. Cascading Lights

Cascading Lights

These OMGAI meteor shower rain lights are a unique twist on the common icicle light. The absolutely gorgeous shaped LED light would look great decorating outdoor trees or around the edge of a patio or roof. Each light is eight centimeters in length which creates the perfect delicate raindrop look. If cool white isn’t the hue you are looking for, these unique lights are also available in blue and multicolored. There are so many possibilities with this product and with 18 lights per set, you will have plenty to work with. We can’t help but fall in love with these cascading design and we know you will too!

20. Chuzzle Ball Lights

Chuzzle Ball Lights

These unique shaped lights are perfect to create a playful atmosphere. You can use these indoors and outdoors. They may look fun, but these Chuzzle ball shaped lights are extremely durable and weather proof. These solar powered lights will automatically turn on at night and fully charge during the daylight hours. These are definitely not your normal traditional Christmas light, so if you looking for something different and off te beaten path then these LUCKLED Chuzzle ball lights are the perfect choice. With an extremely affordable price tag, you can afford to deck all of the halls (and every nook and cranny in between).

21. Lighted Gift Box

Lighted Gift Box

The bigger the better, especially when it comes to Christmas decorating! These large illminating gift boxes make the perfect addition to your Christmas festivities. These fun boxes are so realistic, they even open up just like a real gift box. That’s right, you can actually use these decorations to place small gifts in. We think that is an awesome way to give your guests a little treat. Each package comes with six boxes made of transparent material that allows the lights inside to illuminate the entire box. All six boxes measure 4x4x4 and are decorated with a red bow. They look absolutely stunnning as the lights change colors. Many people have also incorporated these boxes into their outdoor decorating.

22. Mini String Lights

Mini String Lights

These lights may be little, but they are strong. These Litcom solar outdoor lights are the perfect choice for minimalistic outdoor lighting. These small lights can simply be staked into the ground and left. The solar panel will keep them charged during the day light and illuminated with a bright white light during the night. We love that you can customize the mode from steady on to flashing. With several color options, such as cold white, warm white and multicolored, these are an inexpensive lighting option. These lights are also made to be extremely durable, long lasting and able to withstand all sorts of weather.

23. Star String Lights

Star String Lights

Oh starry night! We are in love with these whimisical multicolored outdoor solar Christmas star lights. They are perfect for adding a festive feel to a garden or patio area for those holiday get togethers. Each 14 foot strand holds 30 decorative star lights. The soft glow of the lights makes it the perfect accessory to a Christma display and gives off the perfect light without taking away from the surrounding decorations. Also, for those looking for a more subtle look, these lights are available in white as well. This option is another inexpensive decor choice and will allow you to decorate a large space on a small budget. These star lights would also look great decorating your household Christmas tree.

24. Spiral Tree Pathway Markers

Spiral Tree Pathway Markers

If you are looking for an elegant and festive way to make your pathway or decorate your sidewalk, then these light up spiral trees are the perfect choice. Each set contains three spiral trees. Each tree is adorned with a star and measure at 18 inches tall. These trees are sure to light up your yard and are made up of about 60 LED lights. They are extremely durable and designed to hold up in the elements. We think it would be adorable to turn your yard into an illuminated mini tree forest. Past customers have raved about these trees and we can see why!

25. Metal Ornament Lights

Metal Ornament Lights

These JOJOO metal ornament lights might be the most elegant piece on this list. You will fall in love with the design of these LED lights. There are eight designs and light combinations to choose from, such as warm white leaves, white moons and colored stars. Personally, our favorite is the metal warm white leaves. They would turn any tree into a whimisical decoration. These ornament lights may look elegant and delicate, but they are made to be extremely durable. Whether you choose to use these to decorate an outdoor space or incorporate into indoor decor, these solar lights are sure to please. With so many options you have the opportunity to let your creativity run wild.

26. Mini String Lights

Mini String Lights

Addlon solar string lights pack a lot of light into a little package. Each strand holds 200 mini LED lights and you will be amazed at how much light they give off. Perfect for decorating your patio or porch, these mini string lights will provide 72 feet of warm white light. Plus, you can’t beat the price. Now is the time to stock up to light up the holidays. These lights would look great in trees, lining roofs or even accenting indoor decorations. The decor ideas are endless with these mini lights. Not only are they beautiful, but they are designed to be extremely durable and weatherproof.

27. Mason Jar String Lights

Mason Jar String Lights

Yet another twist on the traditional mason jar light. These Homeleo solar mason jar lights screw onto any traditional mason jar and illuminate the jar a vibrant red. This is the perfect option to add some dramatic lighting to any outdoor atmostphere. These lights would make the perfect centerpiece for a holiday cocktail party or lining a driveway to lead your guests to the Christmas festivities. Each package comes with three lighted lids, which is a great deal! If you aren’t crazy about the color red, Homeleo also offers these lights in eight other colors, such as green, pink, purple and multicolored. There is sure to be a color to fit the look you want!

28. Solar String Lights

Solar String Lights

Set the mood these GDEALER solar string lights. These LED fairy string lights emit the coziest warm white light that is perfect for a night spent under the stars. Decorate your outdoor space for a casual get together, a winter wedding or holiday party withe romantic and elegant lights. These solar string lights make for no-fuss Christmas decorating. All you need to do is make sure to place the solar panel in direct sunlight for 6to 8 hours. Once fully charged, the lights will turn on each night when the sun goes down. It doesn’t get much easier than that!

29. Snowflake Christmas Tree

Snowflake Christmas Tree

Collections Etc. has made an adorable solar snowflake Christmas tree decoration that we absolutely love! These Christmas tree garden stakes are easy to install and create a one of a kind lighting display. The tree branches are bendable and can be arranged however you see fit. Each branch is also adorned with illuminated snowflakes. Measuring 30 by 35 inches, these trees will turn your yard into a winter wonderland. Whether you use them to accent our other holiday decorations or make them the centerpiece of your display, everyone will let you know how great they look. Plus, they are ecofriendly and easy to store!

30. Multicolored Fairy Lights

Multicolored Fairy Lights

Of course, we would have to round out this list with one of the most festive lighting options. These multicolored fairy string lights will turn any holiday party into a true fiesta. Each LED colored ball illuminates a warm red, yellow, blue or green. Each ball is also wrapped with a textured rope to give it unique detail. Each strand is 20 feet and holds 30 balls, which is the perfect length for decorating your outdoor space. The attractive price makes it hard to resist from decorating every inch of your house with adorable colored lights. Plus, GDEALER stands by their product and offers a one year warranty with each purchase.

Turn These Simple Lighting Accessories Into A Holiday Masterpiece

No matter what look you want to achieve with your Christmas decor, lighting accessories offer an inexpensive and effortless touch to any holiday scene. They can also be an ecofriendly alternative to other decoration options, if you choose solar powered products. Most lights come with a variety of settings to help them fit your theme. Even better, most are self-controlled or powered on with the push of a button. Whether you prefer classic white or festive colors, there is a strand of lights that you will love. From light-up trees to tiny icicle lights, makes sure you don’t just deck the halls, but light them up too!

Outside Christmas Light Decorations

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