50 Best Small Living Room Design Ideas


15. Grayscale


We’ve already discussed how black and white can yield some amazing results, but what about grey? Since grey is often dismissed as a “depressing” color, designers usually avoid it in their small living room designs in favor of livelier colors. As you can see in this cheerful Vancouver home, however, a soft and gentle color palette transforms that depressing grey into an elegant silver. The result is a relaxing, warm and welcoming space that isn’t harsh on the eyes. The white makes the room brighter without being blinding, while the neutral wooden accents add a sense of familiarity and warmth.

16. Cozy Teahouse

Cozy Teahouse

Everything about this next home is just plain fun. Just look at it! The moment you see it, you can’t help but smile from ear to ear. This is the impact that color has on home decor, and is also why using colors that reflect both the space and its personality are vital. What keeps the colors from being overwhelming to the eye is the fact that not everything is in color. This is thanks to the white pieces in the room. While small living room organization is important, so is going outside the norm and just discovering what works.

17. Beauty in Collaboration

Beauty in Collaboration

If you get the feeling you’ve seen this room before, you are probably correct; this room was featured on Glitter Guide, one of the internet’s premier home, beauty and design blogs. Professional designers Michaela Noelle and Lauren Hooker turned to their online followers to help them design this lovely space, launching a home design experiment with wonderful results. This just goes to show that collaboration isn’t a bad thing. If you don’t have a precise plan in mind, a little guidance from friends and family members may give you the inspiration you need to nail down a design or theme.

18. Sandalwood


This lovely small living room interior demonstrates the versatility of neutral tones and shows off how they can be just as bright and happy as other colors. The fur accents throughout the room keep the room from looking sterile and welcome guests as they enter. Even though the space is rather sunny, the neutral tones still make it look like a quiet little hideaway. This room also strikes a balance between round angles and sharp angles, making sure that neither one will overpower the other. This pleasant room embodies what home design should aspire to be: comforting, welcoming and fun.

19. Personalization


There is nothing wrong with making interior design for small living room personal. It adds a unique character and charm exclusive to your home and makes it feel as though your living room really is yours. Incorporating family pictures, framed personal items and unique mementos into your design can make it all the more impactful. Just look at the black and white photos on the wall in this room. Another striking element in this room is the various street names on the wall. If that’s too personal for you, you could instead use cities you have lived in or visited.

20. Mellow Luxury

Mellow Luxury

This small living room interior is a joy to behold. The strategic lighting paired with the room’s neutral tones is a stunning combination. They somehow turn the muted brown and tan room colors into stunning shades of copper and gold, adding a luxurious air. A surprising design choice is the tiled wall behind the television. It may seem out of place at first, but the tiles act as pseudo mirrors, reflecting the room’s lighting and faintly reflecting its contents, making the space seem larger. Overall, this small living room design gets quite creative without straying very far from the basics.

21. Singaporean Retreat

Singaporean Retreat

Zebra print, orange velvet and glossy black walls probably does not embody the direction most people would go in as far as their own small living room ideas. In this case, however, it works tremendously well. The vibrant multicolored paintings and the towering obelisk bookshelves help set the room’s dramatic yet imperial mood as do the exquisitely crafted wooden chairs. Even with the pitch black walls, the room still manages to be quite bright. A memorable room design like this one is perfect for those who like to leave a lasting impression on their guests long after they have left.

22. All-important Lighting

All-important Lighting

This room is an excellent example of what good lighting can do to a space. In the “Ingenious Living Room Ideas for Small Spaces” category is this little number, which is sure to light up your life. To keep all of the lighting in check, the room features a matte black wall and a lovely wooden wall across from it. These darker colors absorb some of the light, keeping the plethora of lights from blinding you. The textures in the room manipulate the light to their advantage, providing their own unique visual interest. This room is probably amazing at night.

23. Pretty Pink

Pretty Pink

Source: staydecor.com

It’s probably one of the oldest home decor clichés in existence: women want everything in pink. As this cozy little room shows, pink isn’t an evil color in contemporary design and, if used in moderation, can still yield some lovely results. In this room’s case, the plentiful sunlight coming from the tall and stately windows give the room’s pink furniture a lighter pastel hue, lessening its hold over the room’s overall color scheme. Using your favorite color is fine in moderation, just as long as you balance it out with other colors. Your eyes and your guests will thank you.

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