50 Best Small Living Room Design Ideas


24. Contemporary African

Contemporary African

This next room is a parade of small living room design ideas and shows that paint color isn’t the only thing to consider as far as looks go. This room is balanced incredibly well. The smoothness of the leather seating and semicircle table contrasts the roughness of the shag rug, the fireplace, the blanket and the tall ornament in the background. Old and new also come together in this room through the combination of contemporary furnishings and traditional masks on the left side of the wall. Even lighting is represented in this room with light and shadow working in exquisite harmony.

25. Fourth Wall

Fourth Wall

Source: casahaus.net

This is one of those small living room designs that uses one simple trick to pull off an amazing look. This room is actually lying to you. Although it looks like all the room’s walls are painted black, the reality is that only one is. Paired with the floorboards and the furniture, this room is like a little black dress: elegant, sleek and classic. The designer suggests that if you want to replicate this look in your own home to paint whatever wall has a window on it black and paint the rest white to preserve the room’s natural lighting.

26. Study in Symmetry

Study in Symmetry

Source: ikizler.net

If you were to take the decorations off the tables, cut this room in half and put it up against a mirror, you probably wouldn’t be able to tell the difference. Symmetry is a common design theme, but this room takes it to a completely different level. The mirrors on the wall only enhance the symmetry as well, making it appear as though the rest of the house is equally symmetrical. Even the throw pillows are symmetrical in this space. This is where small living room organization and attention to detail make this room elegant without being formulaic or bland.

27. Lonely to Cozy

Lonely to Cozy

At 175 square feet, this Hungarian living room is as small as it gets. Thanks to the shelving, mirrors, plush sofa and massive windows, however, this small living room doesn’t seem nearly so small. Throw in some fashionable and functional vintage pieces and you have a small room with a big personality. The rectangular table on the left in the foreground actually folds out to seat six people, somehow taking advantage of the room’s size constraints. The shelving unit is positioned such that the coffee table fits underneath it, giving the homeowner a space for the morning yoga they love.

28. Minimalistic Finery

Minimalistic Finery

Source: wallpaperup.com

This interior design for small living room was so striking, it is available for download as a cell phone wallpaper. This minimal space is big on personality and visual interest. While white is prevalent in this room, it doesn’t dominate. The two-tone blue wallpaper, the stunning glass coffee table and the ornate chandelier give the space a touch of class. There is also a healthy variety of textures at work, from the rough shag rug to the soft, plush throw pillows. Even the natural lighting is kept under control thanks to the teamwork of the accent wall and the flooring.

29. Cat Nap

Cat Nap

This Brazilian beauty is filled with a plethora of clever small living room design ideas. This bright and colorful room sits adjacent to a sort of outdoor courtyard, incorporating its plant life into the room’s design despite the fact the plants aren’t in the room itself. It also does this by utilizing an impressive mirrored coffee table for lighting. There is an abundance of natural lighting during the day, so all you need to illuminate the room is redirect that light. The bold color palette also takes full advantage of the room’s lighting, creating a happy space perfect for gatherings.

30. Levitation


Source: peenty.com

One of the advantages of small living room decor is that designers have no choice but to think outside the box and this home is a perfect example. The wall-mounted console has multiple purposes in one, including as a generous display space and a computer desk. Mounting the desk on the wall means plenty space for storage underneath, fewer cords to worry about and no furniture legs to worry about breaking. The workspace is oversized, so you won’t use all of it. This means you can place decorations, important books or anything else you may need on the same surface.

31. Seaside Chic

Seaside Chic

Source: ruemag.com

If you have a more eccentric style in small living room decor, this next room is for you. Designer Caitlin Wilson demonstrates how eclectic can be classy with this bright and oceanic living room. Navy blues, seafoam greens and coral pinks unify the nautical theme without breaking out the pirate flags and peg legs. The wood flooring makes the space look like it belongs on a ship deck rather than making you feel like you want to walk the plank. Finally, the rug looks like flower petals floating on the ocean’s surface, adhering to the theme in a unique way.

32. For Guests

For Guests

Sofa beds probably aren’t all that common in interior designs, but in living room designs for small spaces, they may become a necessity. This one in particular helps to contribute a stylish and modern feel to this room, as does the jagged floor lamp. This room also displays an excellent mix of textures and colors, cementing the sofa bed’s place in the room. If you find yourself having guests sleep over, a sofa bed is just what you need in a small home, without a guest bedroom. Would you have known this was a sofa bed if it wasn’t mentioned?

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