50+ Gorgeous Rustic Bathroom Decor Ideas to Try at Home


Whether you’re decorating a house in the country or just want to create the lived-in, homey feel of rustic décor, achieving that look is all about texture. Reclaimed wood, galvanized metal, rough stone and cast iron are all part of rustic bathroom decor ideas. These natural, less polished materials provide a sense of one-of-a-kind craftsmanship and will give any room an immediate sense of character. This is especially true in a bathroom, where you can make a big impact with just a few subtle elements.

50+ Ways to Add Rustic Flair to Your Bathroom

Rustic Bathroom Decor Ideas

Because it can be unusual to see anything but gleaming tile in a bathroom, adding a single shelf made of barn wood or an antique orchard ladder used as a towel rack makes it an immediate focal piece. Don’t be afraid to bring in rustic flair with bigger design elements as well; decorative beams, a reclaimed wood accent wall, or heavy wrought-iron hardware can turn your bath into a mountain getaway or historic cottage. Just be sure to consider your bathroom’s lighting. Natural materials, with their rougher textures, don’t bounce as much light as polished surfaces like tile, and this can make a room seem dark, especially if it’s not very big. Keep things light and bright by using a light whitewash on reclaimed wood and scaling up your vanity mirror to reflect more light. Check out these gorgeous rustic bathroom design ideas to get started!

1. Rustic Bathroom Mirror Mixes with Modern

Rustic Bathroom Mirror Mixes with Modern

You can have your cake and eat it too in this modern rustic bathroom. Combining both elements is as easy as pie with the addition of this rustic wood framed vanity mirror. The character of this mirror adds some roughed up charm to this otherwise modern and new bathroom. Farm lighting fixtures and the slab countertop further connect this rustic feel in a modern way. Choosing the hue of blue vanity creates an extra layer of warmth and comfort to this updated space.

2. Above the Toilet Wooden Ladder Shelf

Above the Toilet Wooden Ladder Shelf

Maximize your space by going up! This wooden ladder shelf is a fantastic way to organize and arrange some fun decorations in your bathroom space. One shelf can be an easy-to-reach spare roll holder, making it easier than ever to change the toilet paper roll. A scented candle is another perfect occupant for taking up residence on this shelf. And you can’t go wrong with a small house plant that doubles as a pretty piece and air purification system. Fold a few hand towels and add some decorative glass jars to hold your go-to bathroom essentials and you’ve completed the look of your wooden ladder wall shelf.

3. Wood and White Rustic Charm Bathroom

Wood and White Rustic Charm Bathroom

Want an alternative to shiplap? Look no further than this backdrop for your bathroom sink mirror. Ripped up and rugged wooden boards join together to create an interesting and unique way to display your simple mirror. Set on a solid white wall, the worn and weathered brown color adds a lot of character to the room. This rugged wood look is carried to the toilet topper catch-all and the shelves overhead. Natural elements, like the sprigs of herbs, add a cozy and homey feeling while the tin organizers keep the rustic vibe flowing.

4. Mason Jar Lights and Rustic Wooden Features

Mason Jar Lights and Rustic Wooden Features

Work that inner earth-loving guru and reimagine some of your on-hand items like this Mason jar lighting fixture. When canning days are through, what better way to use all of those remaining jars? Truly a farmhouse staple, these jars pair nicely within a room filled with rustic, wooden features. Decorating this space with a touch of gray and white lends it to a more modern rustic feel that is perfect for those seeking a modern farmhouse look.

5. Rustic, Metal, and Blue Bathroom Decor

Rustic, Metal, and Blue Bathroom Decor

Don’t be afraid to mix it up in terms of decor styles when it comes to your family bathroom. The metal industrial vanity lights feature sleek cylinder globes for a modern edge while rustic wood frames the mirror to perfection. Nestle a corner cabinet to serve as your storage go-to unit that holds all of your bath time essentials while staying out of the way. The color combination of white, blue, and distressed gray pairs perfectly alongside the metal and sleek glass. An abundance of storage is seen throughout as you’ll enjoy your basket of everyday items housed neatly and conveniently underneath your sink.

6. Modern Meets Rustic in the Southwest

Modern Meets Rustic in the Southwest

No matter which section of the country you reside in, anyone can delight in the allure and beauty of the Southwest. Incorporate some of the warmth and beauty of this desert area with some white cactus decorations, small house plants, and an animal skull mounted on the wall. The large white sink rests on the gray countertop and connects the striped walls neatly into the overall scheme of the room. Free-floating wooden shelves lend a rustic feel to this modern Southwest bathroom.

7. Corner Catchall Vintage Bathroom Hub

Corner Catchall Vintage Bathroom Hub

Don’t waste a single inch of your bathroom space by utilizing your corner from top to bottom. A blanket ladder is reimagined as a towel rack to hang your drying necessity where it’s always within reach. Sleek metal-ended shelving takes the storage space up another notch with the ideal location for your everyday items as well as the extras you need to keep on hand. Galvanized metal cups serve as practical and pretty organizers. Rev up the vintage appeal with an old sign hanging on the wall and a featured warm brown wooden shiplap wall.

8. Shabby Chic DIY Painted Glass Jar

Shabby Chic DIY Painted Glass Jar

Just a little bit of leftover paint and a Mason jar is all you’ll need to try your hand at this interesting crafter or DIY lover’s dream! A splash of paint into the jar and a little swirling around is how you’ll be on your way to this unique and quirky way to use a Mason jar as a home decoration. Once your creation is complete, you’ll be able to feature your favorite handful of flowers in it. Place a smaller and simpler plain glass jar right beside it to hold some Q-tips and you have a little function along with a little beauty.

9. Black Wrought Iron and Wood Wall Shelves

Black Wrought Iron and Wood Wall Shelves

Large and sturdy black wrought iron provides a solid foundation for holding these thick wooden shelves that are a practical way to display your unique personality in your home’s restroom. Vintage apothecary jars, an old train case, and some quirky signs give an eclectic vibe to this wall space.

10. God of Wonders Wave Wall

God of Wonders Wave Wall

Color and pattern make the perfect couple in this wonderful wave wall. The waves roll across the wall in a smooth pattern while the shades spill from light to dark as they make their way from the ceiling to the floor. A quaint woven basket looks nice and neat with its large sea star. The powerful phrase reminding you of God’s love is set amid a rustic white wooden sign to add some rustic appeal to this beachy look. Using a collection of the best shades of gray updates this space with some modern colors as well.

11. Wired for Organizing Your Bathroom Goodies

Wired for Organizing Your Bathroom Goodies

Check out the unique design of this black metal wired organizer. The double bin format offers more than enough room for your extra rolls of toilet paper or a gathering of your towels all rolled neatly and snug together. On top, the durable wooden countertop is ready for your lit candle, potted plant friend, or any other extra items you choose to curate into this bathroom space. The lines of the wired bin nearly resemble a chicken feeder which plays nicely into the farmhouse or rustic design you desire.

12. Farm Friendly Feed Sack Shower Curtain

Farm Friendly Feed Sack Shower Curtain

Feed sacks aren’t only useful to the animals they keep alive: they can become home decorations with enough creativity. Inside your bathroom, you’ll enjoy this feed sack inspired shower curtain to infuse some true farmhouse appeal into your family’s dwelling, regardless if you’re in a rural or suburban setting. Placing this feed sack shower curtain prominently in your bathroom helps you speak life into your design without saying a word. Hang it on a deep bronze rod to further increase its dramatic appeal. If you wish to make a small upgrade without breaking the bank, changing out your shower curtain is a definite winner and game-changer as it redefines the entire space.

13. Toilet Paper Tree and Watering Can Decoration

Toilet Paper Tree and Watering Can Decoration

Hit the woods to find an oversized tree branch that is the perfect size for making this DIY toilet paper holder. This might be the only time you’ll take delight in toilet paper in one of your trees so make the most of it. The branches are great for holding a couple of rolls and the base is secured in a metal watering can complete the rustic and shabby chic look. The extra metal waste bin offers just enough of an extra metal piece to make the rustic feel more like home.

14. Gray Blue Budget-Friendly Bathroom Update

Gray Blue Budget-Friendly Bathroom Update

Don’t break the bank when you want to update your bathroom. A can of paint is a cheap way to change your cabinets into the modern masterpieces you need. Rounding out the sink with a small metal bin makes the spare towels a sensational decorative accessory. Wrapping the large mirror with pieces of distressed boards, the rustic wood is a highlighted feature of this entire bathroom space. Removing and replacing the cabinet hardware is an additional way to make a big impact while remaining on a small budget.

15. Bold Herringbone Patterned Rich Brown Wooden Flooring

Bold Herringbone Patterned Rich Brown Wooden Flooring

Perhaps you’ve watched one too many home improvement or design shows and are craving an update to your own space. Why not start by updating the foundation of the room by switching into a new floor. Hardwood floors are durable, look amazing, and should last for years to come so they are a solid investment. Lay them out in a fun pattern like this herringbone one to make an even bolder impact. The rich brown in this wood makes a great contrast too for the pale gray and white bath decor. Keeping the decorations to a minimum is a perfect way to make this an elegant, rustic rest area.

16. Old Style Water Spicket Sign for Bathroom

Old Style Water Spicket Sign for Bathroom

Make it easy for your guests to find your bathroom with a simple sign. It’s super easy to hang this small and old-fashioned-looking sign on the outside of the door. As guests glide down the hall, it’s easy to find their way to your washroom. Using an old-style water spicket sign gives a fun twist on the traditional powder room or silhouette of a man and woman sign. A sign like this would also be cute placed near your gardening shed in the backyard. It lends an industrial feel with its homage to pipes and metal.

17. Funny Change the Toilet Paper Bathroom Sign

Funny Change the Toilet Paper Bathroom Sign

Slap some shiplap on the back wall in this cozy bathroom to start the ball rolling on your bathroom update. The large, white farmhouse style sink carries the modern farmhouse feel into the room. Hanging brown baskets offer extra texture and provide lots of storage simultaneously. For the faucet, a rich, modern bronze finish ties nicely into the rich wooden floor and deep brown baskets. Throwing up a fun “everybody wants to change the world, but no one wants to change the toilet paper” sign is a pleasant touch to make the newly renovated space still feel like home.

18. Wood Works Wonders in this Rustic Bathroom

Wood Works Wonders in this Rustic Bathroom

Styling your bathroom space with the same wood palette throughout is a clever way to make everything work together for a custom designer look. From the framing of the sink mirror to the floating shelves, the rustic wood adds an earthy element to the room. The two shelves provide the perfect amount of space to house some of your everyday necessities and a few decorations as well. Incorporating a fun hand-written sign in black and white makes it feel on-trend and up-to-date without much effort. And before you finish your business, don’t forget to wash your hands- you filthy animal!

19. Simplicity in Wires and Wood

Simplicity in Wires and Wood

Keep it simple with minimal design and ultra-modern cool gray when you update your bathroom. A fresh coat of this amazing neutral gray hue is a fabulous backdrop for placing your personal touch inside your bathroom. Hang a pair of rustic wood floating shelves above the toilet to increase storage space without taking up floor space. A few glass jars, a wire basket, and a potted plant are happy companions for this new update for your family pit stop. On the sink top, a geometric patterned gray and white toothbrush caddy neatly keeps your brushing partner close, while blending in the two-room colors quite nicely.

20. Simple and Industrial Large Wooden Wall Shelf

Simple and Industrial Large Wooden Wall Shelf

Forget those worn out and tired cabinets above your toilet and opt for this large and simple wooden shelf that hones in on industrial design with its immense DIY appeal. The solid construction of this sturdy wooden shelf affords plenty of room for extra toiletries, some simple decor, and a few house plants. Below you’ll notice a practical towel bar constructed by using an industrial metal pipe.

21. Get Your Gorgeous On in this Bathroom

Get Your Gorgeous On in this Bathroom

After a good night’s sleep, the best way to turn your Manic Monday into a Magic Monday starts with a good start to the day. A fabulous way to get on the right path to this magical day is with a toothy grinned greeting from some fun and modern signs. The set of his and hers signs for the master bath is an ingenious way to begin your day. Created in a gorgeous hand-written script, these black and white signs pop as they are set on a deep and dark navy blue wall.

22. Breakfast in Bed Tray for the Bathroom

Breakfast in Bed Tray for the Bathroom

Forget the mess left in the kitchen from some sophisticated attempt at a delicious breakfast in bed, and rehouse the tray into the countertop space of your master bathroom. This large serving tray can serve many purposes, so why not try it as a neat base for all of your bathroom goodies. With a collection of white pieces, the display works wonderfully as the hub for all of your essentials from soap dispenser to tissue holder. Work in a little greenery with a small plant and don’t forget to keep tabs on the clock, so you won’t be late for work!

23. Scalloped Vintage Metal Bath Shelf

Scalloped Vintage Metal Bath Shelf

Bring a little bit of the past back into the present with a vintage-looking metal shelf with a scalloped edge. With a white finish, the edges have some distressing to add some character and charm into the shelf without taking away from its unique charm. Within the space its built-in shelf provides, you can choose for it to hold some of your favorite things or to use it as a planter where you’d fill it with some of your favorite vining green buddies. You may choose to hang this on the door or wall space of your restroom to feel right at home.

24. I Love Your Face Rustic Bathroom Sign

I Love Your Face Rustic Bathroom Sign

Source: jaxnblvd.com

Welcome some happy smiles to all those who enter with this charming and cute “Hey, you- I love your face” sign. The white shiplap wall needs a brown counterpart and this sign provides just that. It further ties the space together with its rustic wooden frame used around the sink mirror. It’s always a good idea to add a smile to someone’s face and this sign brings that upturned lip you need at the end of the day. Another creative use for this sign would be to tuck inside the belongings when moving your son or daughter to college or his or her first apartment. It’s a fun way to send a gentle reminder to someone when away and homesickness sneaks in and creeps onto the scene.

25. Rustic Wooden Towel Rack

Rustic Wooden Towel Rack

Don’t be stuck without a spot to hang your towel. This easy DIY project looks great in a cabin or country bath where rustic flair is seen everywhere. It makes a statement while getting the job done. The old, worn railroad nails give this the extra character it needs. Tie some burlap strips around your decorative towels for a cute country display. It’s not only a great bathroom towel rack but would work well in the kitchen too. You could even place this in your mudroom to hang up some of your weathered or wet items as you come in to clean up from the day.

26. Fresh Soap and Water Farmhouse Bath Decor

Fresh Soap and Water Farmhouse Bath Decor

Wrap your bath in an overload of farmhouse decor with these industrial and shiplap filled ideas. The metal and wooden industrial shelf keeps the integrity while looking good. The slim wooden shelves offer the perfect ledge for all of your farmhouse decor items and plants. Deep bronze finishes abound from the mirror to the faucet, to the shelf making everything look like it’s been customized from a top designer. Mixing the elements of wood and metal along with neutral tones is a win-win!

27. Steel Pipes and Wooden Shelving Modern Bath

Steel Pipes and Wooden Shelving Modern Bath

A dark rose gold wall adds just enough color to this bathroom space to lend it a soft, feminine feel. White subway tile at the bottom half anchors the whole room with a neutral foundation. The top wooden shelf has enough headroom to house most any height objects and is ideal for a vase filled with flowers. The bottom shelf works double duty as a shelf and towel rack. These great shelves would be a much-wanted addition to a bachelor pad or city loft too as they seamlessly transition from the bath to the main living space of the home.

28. Rustic Bathroom Décor with Concrete Sinks and Barn Door

Rustic Bathroom Décor with Concrete Sinks and Barn Door

This ensuite bathroom is the perfect rustic bathroom idea for a cabin or lodge style home. The walls are painted a warm, creamy color that prevents the room from feeling like a dungeon. It complements the dark colors of the stained wood plank floors, wood cabinets, and wood on the ceiling. A beautiful sliding barn door with a fabric panel, stone sinks, and farmhouse-style fixtures give this bathroom a warm and cozy feeling that is natural, yet luxurious. Black iron sconces provide the perfect lighting for this lovely bathroom.

29. Open Barn Wood Shelving

Open Barn Wood Shelving

If you want to add just a touch of rustic charm into your bathroom, this rustic bathroom decor is perfect for dressing up your dull bathroom. It will add additional easily accessible storage as well. Recycled and weathered pallet or crate wood can be used to build this charming little shelf which is perfect for storing toiletries or towels. To give the wood more character, stain that accents your existing decor can be applied to the wood and sanded around the edges and distressed. The stain will pick up color based on the unique character of each wood plank.

30. Heavy Plank Shelves with Industrial Hardware

Heavy Plank Shelves with Industrial Hardware

These shelves are another simple and effective rustic bathroom idea. Plumbing hardware and pipes are assembled and installed as the brackets for these simple wood shelves. More plumbing hardware and piping is used to create a towel holder on the bottom shelf. These shelves can be built in any size and installed near a sink or above the toilet, where items stored on the shelves are convenient for guest. The plumbing pipe can be painted with spray paint for metal or installed as is for different looks. The wood shelves can also be stained and distressed to enhance the overall effect.

31. Cottage Bath with Painted Shiplap and Vintage Hardware

Cottage Bath with Painted Shiplap and Vintage Hardware

This bright and fresh bathroom is one of many bathroom design ideas that help you to incorporate rustic bathroom decor while keeping the colors fresh and bright. A wood table is repurposed into the base of a sink and keeps the feel of the room very open and inviting. Horizontal wood paneled walls are painted a light, powdery blue for a fresh look and feel. Dark wood tones and oiled bronze or black glossy fixtures pop in this design, while the white trim helps everything to look clean and fresh. The contrast of these accessories is truly breathtaking.

32. Stone Lodge Bathroom Featuring a Camo-edged Mirror

Stone Lodge Bathroom Featuring a Camo-edged Mirror

This bathroom uses the natural color of the stone and woodwork to combine several different materials in this rustic bathroom design. Weathered wood planks are used on the lower two-thirds of the walls, while beautiful stonework in shades of brown and gray are used in the walk-in shower and the tiled floors. A warm, rich wood ceiling with exposed beams and cream colored paint keep the room warm and fresh. The modern bronze and copper plumbing fixtures and rustic natural wood lighting add contrasting elements that bring the whole room together.

33. Reclaimed Hardware Towel Hook

Reclaimed Hardware Towel Hook

Rustic bathroom decor can add a lot of interest in small bathrooms. This towel holder manages to keep things simple and stand out on the white, textured wall. Two different sizes of wood planks are attached to one another and a simple antique iron door handle is added to make a unique towel holder with character. This simple towel holder is proof that when it comes to rustic design, simple designs used in unusual ways can make a huge impact. If your bathroom is small or a major remodel is not in the budget, small ideas like this will make a big difference in small spaces.

34. Pallet Wood Mirror Frame with Storage

Pallet Wood Mirror Frame with Storage

Source: onyapan.com

This mirror is a great way to bring ideas that are typically seen outside the home and bring them indoors. This rustic bathroom decor features a mirror that is framed with weathered lumber that resembles a window with a traditional “window box.” The box makes a great place to store your perfumes and other items for a quick touch up before you leave the bathroom. If your bathroom is small, this box will provide a little extra storage, which can go a long way in a small space. The flower adds some softness and femininity to the overall design.

35. Rolling Barn Door with Black Iron Hardware

Rolling Barn Door with Black Iron Hardware

You do not have to go to extremes to make the most of your rustic bathroom design. This design keeps it simple with a rich and rustic honey colored sliding barn door and white walls and accents. The hardware on the door combined with the colors of the leather chair, wood in the vase, and exposed wood beams make these rustic features stand out in a very modern home design. This design keeps it simple and makes a big statement with subtle accents and follows the examples found in nature. These natural elements are what make this room work so well.

36. Hunter’s Bathroom Featuring Shiplap and Hunting Trophy

Hunter’s Bathroom Featuring Shiplap and Hunting Trophy

If you think rustic design has to use shades of brown, you are mistaken. Gray is also a very natural color that is dominating bathroom design ideas. In this bathroom, wood plank walls are painted a glossy white and accented with gray wood and accents. This gives the bathroom an almost wintery beach look and feel. Modern cabinetry, hardware, and tile flooring blend seamlessly with this design. The wood mirror frame adds a lot of character to this room with its stamps and color. Repurposed shipping crates can be stained and used for a similar effect.

37. Slate Mosaic Accent Wall

Slate Mosaic Accent Wall

This rustic bathroom idea offers a polished and refined option that seems more like a luxury ski resort than a cozy cabin. Rich red cherry wood and stained plank walls work well with a marble countertop and a rich stone accent wall. A stone sink basin adds some contrast while the long, soft lights on either side of the mirror keep things warm and cozy. A tasteful rustic spout is a nice touch for a faucet at the sink. Rich dusty rose red walls create a relaxing atmosphere where you would enjoy taking a warm bath in style and comfort.

38. Mason Jar Light Fixtures

Mason Jar Light Fixtures

Source: hatch.co

An easy way to update almost any room in your house is to update your lighting fixtures. If you are intending to include rustic bathroom decor in your home, this case is very true. These Mason jar vanity lights are the perfect way to bring a little bit of rustic decor into your bathroom without committing to a full remodel. For this lighting, planks are cut to the desired width and stained. Holes are drilled for wiring and plumbing fixtures cover the hole. Chains are fed through the plumbing pipe to support the weight of the mason jars, then wiring and Mason jars with lights are added.

39. Converted Whiskey Barrel Sink

Converted Whiskey Barrel Sink

The great part about rustic bathroom design is that it lets you think out of the box and repurpose items used for a variety of other purposes. This is a great example of repurposing a non-traditional item and making it work in your rustic bathroom. A whiskey barrel makes a perfect base for a sink. A copper basin is fitted into one end of the barrel and a door has been cut out of the barrel to allow easy access to plumbing and makes it possible to utilize the inside of the barrel as storage space. Retro plumbing finishes off this great design idea.

40. Reclaimed Cornice Shelving

Reclaimed Cornice Shelving

Source: opendeco.com

In this design, corbels are painted a creamy white and distressed to bring out their detail and add interest in this rustic bathroom decor. The shelf is a simple stained wooden shelf that can be purchased at any hardware store. The shelf is installed in a corner that may otherwise remain unused. Two hooks hang beneath the shelf and are a great place to hang your towels. The bead board and molding are painted a crisp white, whereas the corbels are painted the same creamy color as the wall. This adds more interest to the room and draws your attention to the architecture.

41. Rough Beam Cornice Box for Shower Curtains

Rough Beam Cornice Box for Shower Curtains

Simple, white bathrooms beg for rustic elements. This rough piece of weathered lumber acts as a box cornice for white lace curtains. This rustic bathroom idea uses rustic elements such as antique wood frames and boxes and combines Victorian elements such as the claw foot tub, lace, and candle holders. Traditional subway tile and rich wood floors and crown moldings work well in this tiny bathroom. The wood accents and variety of textures in this room are the elements that keep this design from being boring and make this bathroom inviting.

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